50 years ago

May 1969

• One hundred and forty-seven seniors, the largest class in Redwood Falls High School history, were set to receive diplomas at the school’s graduation ceremony.

• An unofficial count prior to Memorial Day showed that 117 Redwood County men died in military service to the U.S. as of May 1969.

• A vandal with a can of red spray paint left a message on the RFHS auditorium wall: “Befor I leave, I’d like you to know that by this paint RFHS has paid.” The Gazette article about it said, “School officials weren’t impressed by the vandal’s spelling, artistic ability or the message.”

25 years ago

May 1994

• The Redwood Falls school board considered adding a new alternative learning program for high school students at risk of dropping out.

• When Gazette publisher Rick Peterson was attending a presentation in the Redwood city council chamber, lecturer Rex Boots asked everyone in the chamber to look at several pictures hanging on the back wall. Just as everyone in the room turned to face Peterson’s direction, his chair broke, spilling him on the floor. Peterson said the timing of the chair’s breaking was exquisite.

• Because of an interest glitch in the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s accounting system, Eugene and Marlene Sand of Redwood Falls received a tax refund of exactly one cent from the state.

• When Carl Simondet immigrated from Germany to Minnesota in 1851, he brought with him a Scotch pine seed. On Memorial Day, 1994, Simondet’s great-great-granddaughter, Carolyn Laufenburger, planted an offspring of that 143-year-old Scotch pine tree near his grave in the Redwood Falls cemetery.

• The 120th annual Redwood County fair was set to feature a new event – an ATV pull.

10 years ago

May 2009

• The Gazette planned to do an article after interviewing 94-year-old Ila Ohlemann, and her wish to recreate a birthday party she had with friends for her 18th birthday in 1933 at a farm several miles southeast of Redwood Falls. The day before the story was to go to press, Gazette staff learned Ohlemann had died that morning. We informed her family we would not run the story out of respect to her. However, at the family’s request, the story appeared in that issue of the Gazette as scheduled, with an added note to let readers know she had just passed on.

• Days before the new family aquatic center officially opened, just hours after the pool section was officially filled with water, a huge dust storm blew through the area, knocking down trees and sending a small mountain of dirt and leaves into the clean water.