As we celebrate this memorable day, we thought it would be the perfect time to reminisce on the past 14 years we have spent together.

It all started on the first day of preschool, when we cried for our parents until we became too occupied playing with play dough to even notice they were gone.

Our greatest adventure that year was taking a field trip to Tersteeg’s and being able to stand in the walk in freezer.

When Kindergarten came around, things got a little more serious, but we still always made sure to make nap time a priority. The party was BYOT, which meant bring your own towel to lay on.

First grade brought the opportunity to participate in arts and academics, where we all remember Jenna Pendleton making everyone madly jealous with her hula hoop skills.

The highlights of third grade included learning how to play “Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder, going to the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum, and rushing home to watch the newest episode of "Hannah Montana" where she had to pick between Jake or Jesse.

And we can’t forget Jarod Stoen teaching us that tongues really do stick to metal poles in the winter.

In fourth grade, many of us got a chance to put our management skills to the test by either working at the Cardinal store or being a member of school patrol. We always remembered to get to school early so we could trade our new silly bands with our friends. 

The image of Michael Mace wearing a dress on the last day of fourth grade will forever be etched in our brains.

Our elementary career came to an end as we walked through the halls one last time while high fiving everyone in sight.

We thought we ruled the world, until we became the youngest class in the middle school. Middle school brought lots of new responsibilities including more homework, trying to write the perfect poems for our poetry books in Mrs. Morley’s class, and saving up enough Happy Homan Hummers to be able to sit in Mrs. Homan’s “special” desks.

Mara Lund brought dedication to a whole different level when she came back to school the same day that she broke her arm during an intense game of kickball.

Things really heated up as we all competed to sell the most magazines for the magazine sales and earn the biggest prizes.

Sixth grade began with the sound of Mr. Lundeen yelling throughout the halls to “get fired up.”

This is the year we learned the infamous interlude dance and had the opportunity to go on an overnight field trip to the cities where we toured the science museum and attended a Timberwolves game.

The exit sign in the sixth grade pod spent half the year dangling by a thread thanks to Jaden Van Hee who broke it while attempting to show off his vertical.

In seventh grade the huge trends among the guys were wearing Phiten braided necklaces and basketball shorts in the winter...but some never grew out of that one.

Seventh grade was also the year of our first middle school dance and the start of our junior high sports careers. Mr. Kodet had his first barber shop experience when he gave Matthew Muetzel a mullet as a result of their March Madness bet.

We spent eighth grade anxiously waiting to get to high school, where we could finally chew all the gum we wanted in class. When eighth grade graduation came around, we couldn’t wait for the next step.

Finally it was time for high school. We had dreamed of this since we were little kids, until we got run over in the hallway for the first time as freshmen.

We started out the year by committing to graduate where Zach Josephson signed his name as large as he could, upside down on the banner.

We became more responsible after we experimented with Bunsen burners in Mr. Steve’s class, and also learned how to put out a fire after accidentally setting a garbage can on fire.

Sophomore year, everyone memorized the President’s song, but no one could top DJ Jacobson’s performance at the talent show where he got a bloody nose after screaming it so hard.

And we can’t forget all the memories we had after getting our licenses. Especially when Logan Frank pulled away from the gas pump with the hose still connected to his car.

Junior year was the toughest as we had to get through ACTs, Algebra 2, and chemistry. But we made it through, and before we knew it, it was our senior year.

We started off the year being the only seniors to ever win the homecoming powder puff game, ending our powder puff career undefeated.

As the year went on our extracurricular events hit it off as our boy’s cross country team, football team, girl’s basketball team, and boy’s basketball team all made it to the state tournament. Now that’s what we like to call ending our senior seasons with a bang.

Once spring came around it was time for our senior prom. This was where the hypnotist made Brian Bucholz believe he was a pageant queen from Ohio named Brittany.

Now, only a few weeks later, we are here at graduation.

No matter where our paths may lead us, we will always share these memories.

This is only the beginning for the Redwood Valley Class of 2019.

– Photo by Joshua Dixon