Redwood Valley High School and nine other schools took part in an art show in Olivia April 24.

Once students arrived, they set up their art with their title/name and artist statement next to it. Participants then had time to walk around and observe all of the art.

At around 9 a.m., schools were split into groups and sent to different classrooms to work on a design challenge.

The RVHS students’ design was made by Redwood Valley senior Lauren Karnitz. Every school was given an eight-foot by four-foot panel and three hours to finish painting their design.

The rules of the challenge were given to all schools in advance, so they could start with their design pre-drawn on the large panels. During the challenge participants could use only geometric shapes and just five colors to complete the design.

While painting, the individual works of art were being judged, so once the students finished, they could go see the results.

Of the 17 artists who competed from Redwood Valley, seven garnered superior medals and 10 were awarded excellent honors.

Out of the 127 pieces that were exhibited, seven were chosen as artist’s choice – Best in Show. Redwood Valley junior Emmarica Larsen received one of the Best in Show honors with her photo titled “Floating.”

Larsen’s artwork was displayed at the Perpich Center in Golden Valley May 11 for the statewide Best in Show exhibit.

This is a great experience for high schoolers to see their art viewed and scored by professional artists.