Redwood Falls Youth For Christ (YFC) held its annual spring banquet May 5, at the Redwood Area Community Center.

The group, which has been active in the community for nearly 40 years, invited Gage Rohne to share his experiences with YFC. Rohne, who was active for many years with the organization, is currently attending University of Minnesota Duluth to pursue an entrepreneurial degree.

On Call, a regional music ministry team, which has featured Redwood Falls students in previous years, performed a few songs, including “Amazing Grace,” which Rohne used as a talking point for his message.

“The guy who wrote ‘Amazing Grace’ was not a good person, at least not until he made some major life changes. When he recognized he needed a relationship with God he was the captain of a ship that bought and sold slaves. That’s bad. Really, really bad,” said Rohne.

Rohne used familiarity with the famous song to demonstrate how far a person can come and how radically a person can change by pursuing faith.

Rohne also shared how he transitioned from being a student who knew he needed something more from God to someone who is now helping as a volunteer adult leader in the Youth For Christ chapter in the Duluth area. He shared a story about a specific teenager he worked with and about how he has opportunities to use his faith through the organization now in a different capacity. 

Additionally, Bob Wetmore of Redwood Falls and Bob Poe of Willmar shared a few pieces about the local YFC and its operations.

Poe also explained some of the rationale behind his decision to retire as the West Central Region executive director. His area includes chapters in Redwood Falls, Hutchinson, Willmar, Alexandria and Brainerd along with a few other ministries and communities in that geographic area.

Wetmore, who serves on the YFC executive board of directors, used his auctioneering skills and auctioned off a few high-end baked items as part of the fundraiser in anticipation of a future dessert auction to benefit the organization.

Youth For Christ has several weekly activities and continues to meet through the summer, often doing special activities for kids in the off-months, such as go-carting, camps and other get-aways that local teens might not otherwise be able to participate in.

For more information about the local YFC, visit it Web site at, or contact the area director via e-mail at chris to learn more.

Local folks can drop in and talk to Gage Rohne about his experiences any time during the summer, as he is putting his entrepreneurial training to use and reopening the Calf Fiend Cafe in Redwood Falls during the summer break.

The Youth For Christ office is located in the back of the cafe.