Drew Lundeen is a freshman at Redwood Valley High School, and he has a lot of interests.

Whether it be playing football, performing with the percussion section of the high-school band or volunteering with the Special Olympics, Lundeen is one who puts everything he has into what he does.

When he started his high-school experience, Lundeen admitted he never would have imagined that some of the greatest success he has seen so far would be in a program that he knew little about and was nowhere on his radar.

That program is FFA, and through it Lundeen has become a state champion.

Earlier this year as part of the Freshman Academy class all ninth graders take, Lundeen was exposed to the world of agriculture education and FFA, and as part of that introductory class he learned about what is known as the FFA Creed.

The FFA Creed, explained Lundeen, outlines what those who are part of the organization believe about agriculture. Those who are new to the FFA organization, known as Greenhands, have the chance to compete in the Creed speaking contest. 

Lundeen said to be involved in the contest one has to memorize the five paragraphs and then recite it. Memorization is something that Lundeen said comes easy for him, adding it stems from something he gained from his mom.

“When I was younger my mom would have me memorize Bible verses,” said Lundeen.

The ability he has to speak in front of people is something that Lundeen said comes from his dad.

The son of Matt and Amber Lundeen qualified to compete at the state level after placing third at the regional contest.

Lundeen said going into the state contest, which was held during the state FFA convention April 28-30 at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus, his goal was to place in the top six out of the 24 FFA members who were competing in the creed speaking contest. That way, he would get on the stage.

When the contest results were announced, Lundeen was told he had earned fifth place.

“I was OK with that,” said Lundeen.

It was two days later while he was at school when Lundeen learned that the placings for the contest had been wrong, and that he had actually placed first.

Now Lundeen has qualified to compete at the national level. That contest is next fall.

Lundeen expressed his appreciation to those who helped prepare him for the contest, which also includes answering questions based on the creed.

The competitor in Lundeen said he wants to win at nationals, but added he is glad for the experience in the first place.