50 years ago

May 1969

• The school board announced that Sunnyside School in Redwood Falls was officially going to be renamed “Reede Gray School” starting with the next school year, in memory of the long-time superintendent who had died the previous summer.

• Dr. Cleveland Cherry, Redwood Falls veterinarian from 1914-64, died at the county nursing home at age 84.

• The Redwood TV Improvement corporation announced it would be doing a brief live broadcast of a TV test pattern on area screens before the Twins vs. Baltimore Orioles game for residents to see how good their TV reception was.

• Fifty-three new tires valued at about $1,000 were stolen from the Scenic City Co-op’s warehouse on Saturday night.

• Also on Saturday night, vandals taped large fireworks to the glass and blew softball-sized holes in the windows of five downtown businesses and two cars in Redwood Falls.

• The old Morton railway motel, built in the 1880s, was torn down. At its height, when there were four passenger trains making stops in Morton every day, the hotel employed 12 people and had a restaurant that fed 35-40 traveling salesmen a day.

25 years ago

May 1994

• On Tuesday, May 10, starting at 11:47 a.m., Redwood County spent an hour in twilight-like conditions during the last near-total eclipse of the sun this area will experience until 2099 A.D.

• Darin Prescott, the first male nurse employed by the Redwood Falls Hospital, said he was thinking of eventually going into nursing administration.

• In preparation for the upcoming first Farmfest event at Gilfillan, road crews widened the road on State Highway 67 by the event turn-off, while seed companies marked off and planted their demonstration plots.

• The Redwood Falls Hospital Hospice Unit celebrated its 10th anniversary.

• Redwood Falls Mayor Gary Revier won the unanimous endorsement of Independent Republicans for Second District Congressman.

10 years ago

May 2009

• Mike Petersen bought back and fully restored the 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner he had originally owned back when he was in high school.

• Five-generation photos are common in newspapers, but great-grandmother Catie Eller of Redwood Falls got to be in two five-generation photos taken within minutes of each other when two of her great-grandchildren posed with her at a family reunion with their own newborns.

• With the new family aquatic center about to open, the city replaced the antique sidewalk along South Gould Street.