It all started with a passion for agriculture when Joe Plaetz of Lucan earned a degree in agriculture systems technology which centers around sales, manufacturing and processing.

Plaetz took his degree and entered into the world of insurance where he bought a locally trusted insurance agency and established Granite Rock Insurance Agency of Lucan. He provides insurance and knowledge of the insurance industry to the surrounding community.

Plaetz knew by providing a product strong in knowledge, trust and customer service that he would be able to effectively provide a valuable peace of mind that many can’t live without – insurance.

Granite Rock Insurance Agency of Lucan has held a longstanding presence in the community. Owner and agent, Joe Plaetz purchased the agency previously known as Kramer Insurance Agency in 2012 where he also has worked since 2004.

Located in the First Independent Bank of Lucan, Granite Rock Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products including: farm, crop, home, auto, boat, motorcycle, health, life and long-term care, as well as some commercial insurance.

Plaetz, working as an independent agent, has the ability to write insurance with numerous insurance companies, such as North Star Mutual, Progressive, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa, Grinnell Mutual and Dairyland insurance companies, to name a few.

With today’s price conscious consumers “there is always someone cheaper, I focus on customer service,” said Plaetz.

Today a person seeking insurance can easily purchase coverage online which is very convenient, until something goes wrong like damage and needing to file a claim. The lack of brick and mortar presence can lead to the insured lost in confusing insurance terms and lost in filing an insurance claim.

With many of the online insurance companies that one sees commercials for on TV there is little to no customer service provided when a customer is dealing with a loss.

“I can analyze a client's risks and tailor their insurance needs to each person and situation,” said Plaetz. “I build relationships and minimize risk."

The common phrase regarding insurance is “You can’t live with it, and can’t live without it.”

To the majority, insurance is often overwhelming to understand, as well as being confusing, said Plaetz. The most important thing anyone can do for their family and loved ones is to be adequately insured. 

Without the relationship and trust built with one’s insurance representative it’s easy to be under covered and under insured. This is where the knowledge and presence of a local insurance representative is key, and Plaetz can evaluate your situation to analyze your risks and to tailor each insurance policy to meet your needs.

Insurance is obvious when it comes to crop, farm, home, auto, life and health, but its very common for people to forget about valuables such as guns, collectibles and jewelry that are purchased throughout the year. Without communication to your insurance representative these items may not covered adequately with your existing insurance coverage.

“One can’t think it’s simply assumed that new items or existing valuables are adequately covered with an existing insurance policy,” said Plaetz.

This is where it’s important for policy holders to contact their insurance agent and mention any new items purchased annually. This process could be a lifesaving step when an item is lost, stolen or destroyed. The easiest way for a customer to learn about discounts is to simply ask their insurance representative, added Plaetz.

Education about insurance is another valuable service that Plaetz can offer.

“Service after the sale is what I can offer you that online insurance companies cannot,” added Plaetz.

Plaetz is always available to offer potential customers free quotes, as well as being available to provide service for clients.

Commitment, loyalty and trust is what Joe Plaetz of Granite Rock Insurance offers. Call Plaetz at (507) 747-2254 or stop by Granite Rock Insurance in Lucan.