Carris Health – Redwood (previously Redwood Area Hospital) is excited to share details of the new medical health campus being designed and planned by staff. The most notable improvement in patient care will come from having the clinic and hospital in the same building.

The new 103,000-square-foot building will also be far more navigation-friendly. With lots of windows and natural light, the public will be able to orient itself on the inside far more easily, and to make things even easier, most of what one will need as a patient will be found off of one main corridor, nicknamed Main Street, which runs north and south through the building.

“All around the building, patient privacy is getting a boost,” said Dawn Allen, chief clinical officer. “From patient registration to waiting areas to care delivery, we are not only looking at how we build the space, but how patients and staff will use the space to create a private experience.”

The clinic space will function with a completely new concept of patient care to increase privacy and simplify patient experience. Each exam room will have two entrances – one for the patient and another for the medical staff. This allows medical staff to communicate and create work flows behind the scenes.

Anyone who has used the hospital’s surgery and rehab departments, likely realizes those areas are in need of more space. The new building gives the rehab department additional private treatment rooms as well as larger rooms for group therapy or for patients who need more space.

The gym will also be an upgrade, with a walking track, aquatic therapy pool and two toilet/shower areas adjacent to the pool. The surgery department will see two improved operating rooms, a dedicated endoscopy room, additional procedure space and large patient admit and recovery space using a new “universal room” concept. The universal room is a successful care concept used in other CentraCare facilities that staff is excited to be implementing in the new building. The idea behind it is to create rooms that can be used by multiple departments that are busy at different times of the day. This allows the most efficient use of space. 

“Surgery prep/recovery patients typically need patient rooms during the morning and early afternoon, while the emergency department is in need of more space during their peak times of evening and nighttime hours,” said Allen. “By utilizing universal rooms, we can give our patients the space they need without having the lights out on our most expensive spaces to build.”

Patients in need of observation also benefit from this area, since the space will have direct access to the corridor leading to the operating rooms, birthing suites and the inpatient corridor. Another benefit of the new building will be an easy to find emergency department located prominently at the front of the building. The emergency department will have its own entrance that will also serve as an access point for after-hour OB arrivals or visitors for inpatients.

“This project will truly be a gift to our community,” said Allen. “We spent years listening to our patients and community members concerns or frustrations with our current facilities. We’ve studied the healthcare needs of our service area now and in the future,and we’ve visited state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics to bring the best to our new building, truly tailoring this project to our community’s needs.”

Construction on the new health campus will start this spring and will take the next two-and-a-half years, with completion anticipated in 2021.

– Image courtesy of HGA Architects