Maybe it was the final blizzard of the winter melting away, or maybe it was the rivers rising with the new spring with the sap flowing in the trees. Either way, the Red Cross Bloodmobile visit held in Redwood Falls April 15-16 went great.

Redwood Falls is rather unusual in that its Bloodmobile visits typically run for two days instead of one, giving the community one of the best turnout rates in the state. The Red Cross set a two-day goal of collecting 245 units. Despite more than 30 no-shows and 17 deferrals, the Redwood area still exceeded the goal by several units.

The next Redwood Falls Bloodmobile visit is scheduled for July 15 - 16.

• Two day goal: 245

• Total collected: 248

• Total donors: 225

• No shows: 35

• Walk-ins: 33

• Deferrals: 17


• First time donors: Julie Heiling, Paul Kriegl, Elias Friese, Christine Taylor, Janet Hellis, Mary Easley.

• One gallon – Becky Bruns, Sarah Polak, Vincent Haala, Karen Muetzel, Zachary Larsen, Peggy Dolezal

• Two gallon – Ann Rautenberg, Alexander Boyle, Marsha Schmidt, Jennifer Schmidt

• Three gallon – Johnathan Beadell, Frank Munshower

• Four gallon - Theresa Karsky

• Five gallon – Jeff Schaefer, Dwight Bluhm

• Six gallon – Ruth Zeise, Charles Steffl

• Seven gallon - Rick Ellingworth, Peggy Huwe

• Eight gallon – Jim Mertens, David Raddatz

• Nine gallon - Joseph Serbus, Susan Jones, Nathan Stephens, Steven Simning

• 10 gallon – Alice Nelson, Chad Johnson, Dewayne Lyle

• 12 gallon – Joyce Gorres, Vickie Madsen

• 14 gallon – Nancy Schmidt, Charles Ulrich, Sandra Faulds