The Redwood Valley High School National Honor Society (NHS) held its new member induction ceremony April 17.

The new members include: Gina Huhnerkoch, Talia McCorquodale, Emma Elmer, Benjamin Collins, Alexcia Nelson, Audrey Munshower, Hannah Schjenken, Haley Garman, Aubree Hicks, Carter Johnson, Brayden Reynolds, Benjamin Whited, Connor Josephson, Jaydon Estebo, Pari Bailey, Rylee Henjum and Sidney Beran and Sydney Mertens.

During the ceremony, the graduating members of the NHS were also recognized. They are: Harlee Ahrens, Abigail Bell, Deon Estebo, Arianna Gregg, Kyle Huhnerkoch, Caitlyn Johnson, Zach Josephson, Lauren Karnitz, Tylar Larsen, Mara Lund, Brianna Panitzke, Jenna Pendleton, Jaidyn Probst, Julia Prouty, Logan Prouty, Esther Schmieg, Cameran Sommers, Haylee Sovell, Corbin Wabasha and Janessa Whitaker.

The NHS recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership and character.