A total of 49 students from the area participated in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival at Redwood Valley Middle School/High School in Redwood Falls March 9. Each participant performed two memorized pieces before a judge who scored his/her performance. The points received are accumulated to earn gold cups. The teachers, their students and their scores are as follows:

• Jeanette Cornell’s students: Kyler Andreasen, superior; Wesley Andreasen, superior; Kendall Huhnerkoch, fourth consecutive superior; Trevon Andreasen, excellent; Luke Hammerschmidt, excellent; Elle Price, excellent.

• Ramona Larson’s students: Lillian DeBlieck, superior; Annabelle Eriksen, sixth consecutive superior and second Gold Cup; Landon Eriksen, superior; Isabel Hillestad, seventh consecutive superior; Amelia Rasmussen, superior; Calvin Salmon, superior; Conner Salmon, sixth consecutive superior and second Gold Cup; Evan Thomes, superior; Addison Thomes, fourth consecutive superior; Tenley Wertish, second consecutive superior; vocal musical theater student – Annabelle Eriksen, second consecutive superior.

• Carolyn Laufenburger’s students: Sarah Kramer, superior; Grace LaVoy, fifth consecutive superior; Kylie LaVoy, sixth consecutive superior and third Gold Cup; Elijah Marlow, superior; Anna VanRiesen, superior; Nora Zwilling, superior.

• Laurel Otto’s students: Camden Cilek, third consecutive superior and first Gold Cup; Olivia Klabunde, excellent; Sam Klabunde, third consecutive superior and first Gold Cup; Taylor Klabunde, second consecutive superior; Ellie Kuschel, second consecutive superior; Claire Marcus, fourth consecutive superior

• Erika Pope’s student: Karsyn Ramey, sixth consecutive superior and second Gold Cup.

• Tara Rabenberg’s students: Natasha Doubler, sixth consecutive superior Abby Gilk, superior; Brayden Guetter, excellent; Halle Huhnerkoch, excellent; Shayna Huhnerkoch, fifth consecutive superior; Annika Schmiesing, second consecutive superior; Emily Schmiesing, fifth consecutive superior.

• Pam Arentson’s students: Dylan Anderson, superior; Maxwell Bentson, superior; Lydia Bruns, excellent; Myra Friese, seventh consecutive superior; Kate Jacobson, superior; Adam Kissner, superior; Noah Kissner, fifth consecutive superior; Ellery Larsen, excellent; Piper Manthei, excellent; Andrew Muetzel, second consecutive superior; Ellie Nelson, second consecutive superior; Owen Smith, fourth consecutive superior; Baxter Wanzek, superior.

Congratulations to each of the students who participated for their hard work and dedication to striving for excellence in music.