Bean bag tossing is a game of inches.

A well-pitched bag can mean big points, and being off just a bit can mean missing the board entirely. Getting that throw just right becomes even more important when players know they are there to help an important cause.

For Redwood County Big Buddies of the United Community Action Partnership (UCAP) bean bag tossing was the name of the game April 5 when it held the fourth annual Toss-a-Thon fundraiser at the National Guard Armory in Redwood Falls.

According to Mark Trefry, UCAP youth development manager for Redwood County, Friday was a good day. At the end of the day, $8,600 had been raised for the local Big Buddies program.

Trefry said there were 36 sponsors who supported the fundraiser this year, and there were 23 teams and 108 individuals who tossed that Friday afternoon. Those people are the ones who make the event a success, said Trefry, who expressed his thanks to every individual, group and business who help provide financial support through their involvement in the Toss-a-Thon. Trefry especially pointed out the Redwood Valley athletics program, including Aaron Ferrier, Redwood Valley baseball coach, and Marshall Hegg, Redwood Valley golf coach, who brought in nine teams of student athletes that day. Each of those teams brought in donations for Big Buddies, added Trefry.

Trefry also recognized the individual partners and groups, such as Special Olympics and Celebrate Redwood Falls, as they volunteered their time helping with the setting up and taking down of the event and assisted during the Toss-a-Thon to help make the event a positive experience for everyone. He also expressed appreciation for the people who make it possible for the program to use the National Guard Armory to host the event.

The Toss-a-Thon fundraiser is one of the biggest events of the year for the program, as it uses those dollars to create programming and in other ways support the youth who are involved throughout the rest of the year. There are currently more than 60 youth involved in the program.

The funds raised are used in a variety of ways, such as getting kids together with mentors, attending local athletic events through its booster program and offering summer programming. Trefry said the planning is currently taking place for this year’s summer schedule.

“We plan two to three events per week,” said Trefry, adding if there is someone you know who could benefit from being involved in the summer program to contact him.

Trefry can be reached by calling (507) 637-2187 or (507) 530-1202 or via e-mail at

Learn more about UCAP at

Plans are already under way for the fifth annual Toss-a-Thon in 2020.