50 years ago

April 1969

• Tedda Becker, of North Redwood, visited India to see her husband, Jerry, who was in that nation for five months as a National Science Foundation consultant. While touring New Delhi on a bus, Becker began chatting with the American woman seated next to her, whose husband worked in India for the Ford Foundation. It turned out the other woman was Margaret Tiffany of Redwood Falls.

• The eighth annual Travelers Club Easter Egg hunt was the largest yet, with more than 350 kids snatching up over 1,000 eggs on a snow-covered Memorial Field football field.

• Mike Tate, a University of Minnesota at Morris basketball player and former Morton High School graduate, ranked 10th in the nation in free throw shooting accuracy.

• A RFHS social studies class survey asking if the voting age should be lowered to 18 had the perhaps surprising result that nearly half of all seniors were against it and believed the voting age should remain 21.

• The Minnesota River was so flooded from the snow melt that several uprooted 70-foot trees nearly knocked down the bridge northwest of North Redwood.

• The Ramsey Park zoo was three-feet deep in water as the Redwood River flooded. The deer and the buffalo were able to move to higher ground in their pens, but the other animals all had to be evacuated.

• Paratrooper Marine Pfc. Rick Schablin of Redwood Falls was in a hospital in Tokyo, Japan, after being wounded by shrapnel in Vietnam.

25 years ago

April 1994

• A Twin Cities developer insisted his proposed 154-room hotel complex near Morton would continue despite his being indicted for 15 counts of mail fraud.

• Another developer proposed a privately-financed 42-unit townhouse facility that would be built on the site of the old Redwood Falls High School.

• Despite the bone sticking out of his arm from a compound fracture, Joshua Smith, nine, of Redwood Falls walked to a nearby farm after an auto accident to get help for his great-grandmother, who had been driving when she went off the road in Renville County.

• Gazette publisher Rick Peterson noted that for April Fools Day, his kids replaced the creamy center of one of his Oreo cookies with toothpaste.

• The Harold Deal family of rural Walnut Grove was named the 1994 Redwood County Farm Family of the Year.

10 years ago

April 2009

• Richard Fredericksen, Grace Mary Ederer, Elaine Hagen and William Krinke were named Redwood Valley Hall of Fame inductees for 2009.

• The Southwest Research and Outreach Center near Lamberton celebrated its 50th anniversary.