Paul Charles Dietl, 47, of Bloomington has been charged in Redwood County Fifth District Court with four counts of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, with each felony charge carrying with it a sentence of up to 20 years in jail, a $100,000 fine or both.

The incident stems from a report investigated by the Lamberton Police Department related to a complaint of “transactions of concern” during a time frame of Dec. 12, 2016 through Dec. 8, 2017, with those transactions in excess of $630,000.

During an investigation, a Citi credit card was discovered in the name of Dietl’s father, in 2017 that card included $54,764 in charges, including more than $27,000 in cash advances, with those charges in places including Mexico, New York, Texas and Colorado, all places the complaint states the victim had not been during that year. The investigation revealed Dietl allegedly had exclusive possession and use of that credit card.

In addition the investigation revealed a $60,000 loan for a new Ford F-150 pickup truck was taken out by one of the victim’s, but it was Dietl who is alleged to be the exclusive driver of that vehicle.

The two victims in the case are the parents of Dietl, both in their 80s and both who were diagnosed with dementia at the time that the alleged transactions would have occurred. 

In October 2017, a sibling of Dietl’s informed Southwest Health and Human Services that $240,000 had been withdrawn from two accounts, including an annuity in the amount of $237,000, with the victim’s financial advisor expressing concern over the significant penalties for early withdrawal.

The advisor stated Dietl’s father called to begin the transaction, but Dietl could be heard in the background telling him what to say.

Also in 2017 a cashier’s check for $207,000 was issued to Dietl from an account owned by the victims.

A check was also made out to Dietl for $70,000 for the sale of a cabin on Lake Florida in Kandiyohi County owned by the victims of which Dietl had no ownership rights or authority to make the transaction on behalf of the victims.

Dietl is scheduled to make his first appearance related to these charges in Redwood County District Court April 15.