I'm constantly amazed by the revolution of life.

As a child I found it fascinating that the adults around me were at an age that I couldn’t fathom.

Fast forward to today when I find myself at age 41 where I often think and ponder how I came to this age. In my mind I can vividly recall being a carefree kid who enjoyed playing outside, playing in the sand pile and exploring the farm place that I grew up on and find myself living on today. I’m confident that many readers can easily relate to this realization as well.

Around the age of 10 or so I remember asking my grandma Wilda how old she was. She replied with whatever age she was, and I tried to comprehend how old that really was. What I vividly recall from that conversation as I was standing on the step stool in her kitchen is when she looked at me dead in the eye and said, “as you grow up and get older, it only goes faster and faster.”

Well Grandma, that life lesson has stuck with me always, and now I realize just how fast life and time truly continues to march on.

Of course I get anxiety realizing that I’m speeding towards middle age. Google tells me that middle age is from age 45-65, so yeah I’m creeping up on that next chapter of life. I wonder and worry if I truly will ever live out the dreams and hopes that I have.

I’m not caught up on material possessions, such as owning a home or owning a snazzy car. However, I’m more caught up on living a life filled with happiness, having a successful career and having all my basic needs met.

We all go through various hills and valleys in life which allow us to grow and building character. Through these hills and valleys we continue onto the new chapter in our lives.

Personally, I feel I’m at a new chapter in life where I truly understand and accept myself, even the aspects of myself that I’m not necessarily proud of. With this knowledge I can keep pushing forward and paving a life for myself and preparing for each new and exciting chapter in life.

None of us truly knows what the future will hold for us, but we do have the power to create and forge the life that we wish to live. As we embrace the spring season let us all embrace the new chapter that Mother Nature brings us and create a wonderful and enjoyable life and chapter in our lives and for those around us.