Domestic abuse impacts everyone, but not everyone who is impacted gets involved in finding ways to stop it. For whatever reason, whether it be a “that’s someone else’s problem” mentality or simply an issue of not knowing how to get involved, people tend to shy away from addressing the realities of domestic abuse.

Local leaders from various groups focused on domestic violence prevention are hoping to bring that to an end this week when a rally is held at the public library in Redwood Falls. This coming Wednesday (March 27) is being designated as a statewide day of action.

That day in Redwood Falls, the WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Programs, Inc. (WRAP), in conjunction with other agencies, is hosting one of eight community rallies, and the public is encouraged to stand up to domestic violence by showing up that day. 

Advocates, survivors and community partners will gather for two hours that afternoon to help raise awareness of domestic violence, and, according to Brittany Miller, WRAP program coordinator and domestic violence victim advocate, those whose lives were lost to domestic violence in Minnesota during 2018 will be recognized.

There were 12 people who were killed in Minnesota as a result of domestic violence last year, said Miller, and during the rally each of their names will be read and a flower placed in their memory.

During the rally a number of local individuals representing everything from restorative justice and the Redwood County attorney’s office to law enforcement, probation and child advocacy will speak about the impact domestic violence is having on the community and the steps the public can take to move toward prevention.

Those who attend the rally will learn how they can contact their state legislators to communicate with them their support for funding bills that assist the survivors of domestic violence and the programs and services that assist those who have been impacted by it.

Legislators are currently being asked to support domestic abuse transformation programs with an annual allocation of $5 million.

According to the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, these programs aim to change the behaviors of perpetrators of domestic violence to protect victims from further harm.

“Minnesota has a long history of leading the work to end domestic violence. Supporting funding for programming to transform perpetrator behavior and investing in prevention programming demonstrates Minnesota’s continuing leadership in the field of domestic violence,” said Liz Richards, executive director of the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women in a recent release announcing the action day rally. “We are excited to join the leaders from Redwood Falls and surrounding communities and move forward the work to end domestic violence.”

WRAP has teamed up with local organizations including the New Horizons Crisis Center, to host this rally and demonstrate that Minnesota continues to lead the way in taking action to end domestic violence. A variety of resources will be available for those who attend, and Miller said if there are other organizations which would like to share information on what resources they can provide they need to contact her at (507) 637-3040.

Miller said the public is encouraged to attend the rally this Wednesday from 12-2 p.m. This rally presents the community with an opportunity to stand up and demonstrate that it supports those who are victims of domestic violence and the organizations that exist to provide the help those victims need.

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If you are a victim experiencing abuse, contact Day One at 866-223-1111 to connect with services.

– Graphic courtesy of the Internet Public Domain