I am not good with numbers.

Apparently that includes dates.

So, when the story came out this Monday about the Redwood County Big Buddies Toss-a-Thon fundraiser you may have noticed an inconsistency.

In that story I indicated that the event was being held April 1 (I actually wrote it twice) and later wrote that the event was on a Friday. If you have looked ahead to your April calendar – and after this winter who hasn’t – you will notice something very interesting.

April 1 is not a Friday.

So, either the day or the date are wrong.

Friday is correct, but April 1 is not.

I would love to tell you I did that on purpose as an April Fool’s Day joke, but that would be a lie. Also, I wouldn’t intentionally do anything that stupid, because this is an important event.

The 2019 Big Buddies Toss-a-Thon is actually April 5, which is a Friday. I hope you didn’t write that event on your April calendar in pen. My apologies for making this mistake.

I hope to see you at the Toss-a-Thon this year on that Friday afternoon. This is a great event.

I was talking to Mark Trefry, Redwood County Big Buddies coordinator, about this recently and shared with him how impressed I am with the growth of this event. I was there when the Toss-a-Thon was held at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. It has come a long way from that initial fundraiser, and now in its fourth year thousands of dollars have been raised to help support local kids who really need it.

So, form a team, raise some money and come have a good time.

Remember, it is Friday, April 5.

Don’t forget.

I was invited to attend the most recent Ruby’s Pantry event by Lindsey Caraway, who helps coordinate the monthly event, as there was going to be a big group of local youth who were going to be volunteering. Unfortunately, I could not be there until the very end of the night, because of a city council meeting, but in the few minutes when I stopped I was reminded again of what is so encouraging about this community.

In addition to local youth, there are so many people who get involved, and those people come from all walks of life. I think that is just outstanding. Some of these people have been involved with this program for years faithfully volunteering their time each month to help provide this option for the community, and just watching them as they work as a very well-oiled machine is impressive.

I know there is always a need for volunteers. So, if you are looking for a way to get involved and to connect with people from the community Ruby’s Pantry would be a great choice. Find out more by visiting Ruby’s Pantry on its Web site at www.rubyspantry. org, or visit the Redwood Falls Ruby’s Pantry Facebook Page.

Speaking of impressive, I received an e-mail about the project that the Mike and JoDee Altmann family have taken on as it relates to the flooding issues in Nebraska.

I have had a couple of conversations with people who have connections to Nebraska and who have made recent visits. When I asked them, their faces provided all of the information I really needed.

That look indicating just how overwhelming and devastating things are spoke volumes for me.

So, if you are able to provide a donation the Altmann family can take with them next week, I encourage you to make that happen.