50 years ago

March 1969

• Thirty-five Redwood area World War I veterans received 50-year pins as founding members of the Melvin Daskam Post of the Redwood Falls American Legion. During the festivities, the WWI veterans burst into a round of singing “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary.”

• Promoters announced that professional wrestler Paul “THE BLOODY BUTCHER” Vachone would wrestle his arch-enemy, Rene Goulet, at the Redwood Falls National Guard Armory, where Vachone promised he would use his lethal “Hangman Hold” to render Goulet helpless. The article ended by mentioning that after the bout, Vachone and Goulet would be guests for dinner at the Valley Supper Club.

• The Redwood Falls City Council rejected a bid from an out-of-town cable television company to serve Redwood Falls, since it might threaten the already-existing, locally-owned Redwood TV Improvement Corporation by providing better TV signals, although at about six times the cost.

• A 100-year-old elm tree and “the most beautiful maple tree in Redwood Falls” were cut down on the courthouse lawn to make room for the upcoming new courthouse addition.

• “Goodbye Measles in Redwood County” was the theme for measles immunization clinics scheduled at all of the county’s public schools April 9.

• Carold’s Ice Cream and Food opened in downtown Redwood, with 109 flavors of ice cream, including coco-nut-pineapple, pink champagne, banana-chocolate and “Batman” (orange and licorice).

• The Minnesota legislature was considering a proposed “student doctor” program that would encourage medical students to gain practical experience working in rural hospitals.

25 years ago

March 1994

• The county board was looking into building a new public health building on the 17-acre lot in front of the Redwood County museum on the western edge of town.

• The public library offered a new service. Every week, volunteers from the Friends of the Library read sections of The Redwood Gazette into a tape recorder for use by sight-impaired citizens.

10 years ago

March 2009

• David Danielson, a third-year medical student at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, returned as a “student doctor” to the medical facility where he was born – the Redwood Falls hospital.

• RVHS student Kelly Kohler won a trip to Washington, D.C. after her essay, “Agriculture – Every Day in Every Way” received first place in a national essay contest which was sponsored by the Agricultural Council of America.

• A city crew took down the old Memorial Field football scoreboard in order to make room for the upcoming aquatic center.

• The Redwood Area School District board announced it was looking into the possibility of the school taking advantage of a new law allowing the school year to start before Labor Day.

• Redwood Falls optometrist Roger Pabst was reappointed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty to the state board, where he was in charge of policing the state’s optometrists to make sure they stayed within legal and ethical guidelines.