The Redwood, Cottonwood and Minnesota rivers are facing major flooding issues in the coming days, as warmer temperatures are melting the snow leading to runoff of water into still frozen bodies of water.

With ice still covering most of those rivers, there is little place for that water to go except overland, and the anticipation is that as that water continues to push down the potential for ice blowouts could lead to significant ice dams throughout the region and even more significant rising of waters in the area.

Jim Doering, Redwood Falls public works project coordinator, talked about the potential flooding issues the city could face in the very near future, adding he anticipates water will be over the swayback bridge sometime March 21 with rising water also reaching the berm in the old North Redwood area Thursday as well.

Doering said he anticipates the park road will be closed this week, as the water exceeds the eight-foot mark on the swayback bridge. He told the city council members that the National Weather Service is forecasting the Redwood River will likely exceed 11 feet by March 26.

Doering said the city has been communicating the possible need to evacuate with residents along the Minnesota River in Redwood Falls, adding the forecast for that area is for the river to exceed 26 feet or more than a foot higher than what that area experienced during this past summer’s flooding.