Good music tells a story, and if a song was ever written that recalled the story of the life of Jordan Harazin it would talk about the ups and downs of a musician who left the comforts of Redwood Falls, where he spent his growing up years performing in front of encouraging audiences, for the bigger stage of Nashville, Tenn.

Harazin, a 2011 graduate of Redwood Valley High School, may not have yet reached the level of his musical idols, but he is doing what he loves. Those who have listened to him play would agree this is what he was born to do.

Jordan Harazin is a musician, and he has embraced that life with all of its ups and downs all the while still remembering his roots in rural Minnesota.

Harazin was back in Redwood Falls March 8 to perform a concert with the band the Flying Buffaloes. The local event was held as a fundraiser for the Redwood Falls Public Library.

“It’s always good to be back,” said Harazin speaking in that Nashville twang that demonstrates the influence life away from Minnesota is having on him. 

Harazin said he made the move to Nashville to go to school with plans to study audio engineering. In addition to going to school, Harazin had to work to pay the bills, and when he could he would play gigs to keep up with his music.

Life has not always been easy, Harazin said, adding at one time he felt the best move might be to just go back home. The problem was that he didn’t have enough money to do that.

So, he persisted doing everything from loading trucks for UPS and delivering pizza to working construction jobs. Today he works on a farm all the while still playing in bars and wherever else he can.

As time went on, Harazin kept up his music, and after a few hiccups he ended up meeting with some other musicians, including Danny Pratt, Tommy Leland, Barry Stone and Johan Stone. That group became the Flying Buffaloes. The name, Pratt said, has something to do with Johan Stone’s fascination with buffalo sauce.

The band recently released a new song, which one can hear on the Flying Buffaloes Web site at

Johan is actually from Berlin, Germany, with the other members coming from the midwest.

The group has been together for a few years, but Harazin recently announced life was changing for him. This past September, Harazin got married. He met his wife, Erin, in a bar and called the connection he had with her lightning in a bar room.

That relationship has created what Harazin called an awakening. Harazin is stepping away from the Flying Buffaloes, but added at this point he is not exactly sure what will come next for him.

Harazin said he gets excited every time he comes back to his hometown, adding he recognizes this is where the music got its start for him.

One has to think there is a song in that somewhere.