50 years ago

March 1969

• To encourage his students to attend a University of Minnesota band concert in Wabasso, Redwood Falls High School junior band leader Larry Vogel promised a steak dinner to any student who could prove he or she attended. Vogel ended up grilling up 43 steaks – five of them for faculty members – in his home, complete with salads and toast, for the attendees.

• In the first non-official sign of spring in Redwood Falls, the European red elk at the Ramsey Park zoo shed its antlers Monday evening.

• In other zoo news, the Ramsey Park zoo acquired two black and one brown bear, all females about a year old.

• Contracts totaling $338,170 were awarded for the Redwood County courthouse addition and remodeling, which was set to begin in May.

• Former RFHS 4-H student Gwen Western, 22, a senior at the U of M, was chosen by International Farm Youth Exchange to spend a year studying in Nepal, near Mount Everest.

25 years ago

March 1994

• The Redwood Falls city council approved a proposal to purchase the M&L building site, at the corner of South Washington and East Bridge Streets, for use to build a new Redwood Falls Public Library.

• After the city council spent several meetings debating whether to charge city residents for fire calls, the councilors learned the issue was moot to begin with. It seems the town attorney discovered in 1959 and 1961, the state legislature passed laws making it illegal for cities to collect fire call fees from residents who were already paying city property taxes.

• With help of a grant from St. Olaf College, the Redwood Falls school board looked into setting up a wooded area beside the Redwood Valley School facility as an official nature center.

• Usage of the Redwood Falls Area Food Shelf increased 10 percent from 1992 to 1993.

10 years ago

March 2009

• The Minnesota Historical Society officially handed over management of the Lower Sioux Interpretive Center to the Lower Sioux Community.

• The Redwood Area Hospital was proceeding with plans to demolish two homes just to the south of its facility to build a new helipad.

• The City of Redwood Falls received $1.4 million in stimulus fund grants from the federal government to replace the aging runways and taxiways at the airport.

• In order to help celebrate Morton’s upcoming 125th anniversary, town residents started a community foundation in an effort to encourage projects to keep Morton healthy and attractive.