50 years ago

March 1969

• The March 13, 1969 edition of the Redwood Gazette featured a special section with area volunteers modeling the latest clothing lines available at Redwood Falls clothing stores.

• The Minnesota Education Association announced the Redwood Falls School District spent more on teacher salaries, as a percentage of the total budget, than any other school district in the state.

• Geoffrey Rau, manager of the Gibson Discount Center in Redwood Falls, noted different age groups tended to shoplift different items, with aspirin and lighter fluid being most common among the middle-aged and senior citizens most often quietly replacing full items on the shelves with empty cartons.

• The Beatles movie Yellow Submarine played at the Falls Theatre.

• Lakeside Manor began taking applications from senior citizens for residency at the new low-income housing complex set to open in April.

25 years ago

March 1994

• The Redwood Falls City Council proposed a plan to charge city residents $500 for every time the fire department was called to their residence or business, the same as the city charged people outside city limits.

• The former Belview Medical Center building was finally sold to a local developer after an unsuccessful three-year attempt to find a new doctor.

• While shopping at a Twin Cities shopping mall, Redwood Falls resident Connie Castle found a lost wallet. Castle mailed the wallet, with all of its contents intact, to an address on a card, then received a call a few days later from a producer of the “Good Neighbors” TV show, telling her the lost wallet was actually part of a test the show’s staff were doing to see how honest Minnesotans were.

• More than 120 Reede Gray Elementary School students jumped ropes for an afternoon to raise $4,000 for the American Heart Association.

• Redwood Falls Mayor Gary Revier announced he was running for the U.S. House of Representatives during the 1994 mid-term elections.

10 years ago

March 2009

• Deputy Randy Hanson, a 21-year veteran with the Redwood County Sheriff’s Department, was appointed sheriff to fill in for retiring sheriff Rick Morris.

• Because of hard economic times, donations to the Redwood County United Way were down about $7,000 from the previous year.

• The Early Childhood Coalition donated $3,500 to pay for a water table at the new family aquatic center, then being built.

• LeRoy Triplett, a Redwood Falls barber since 1973, died as a result of an automobile accident.

• St. John Lutheran School announced that it would be starting an all-day, every-day Kindergarten program with the next school year.