We live in a world of cliches that, I have always believed, were intended to inspire.

For example, “when the world gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

So, sitting in the Krause home this past Sunday I wondered to myself how do you “make lemonade” when the world gives you a blizzard.

Right now I could write something about staying away from the yellow snow, but I am far too mature to ever take things down that road. (Yes, that snickering you hear is the mature me.)

Anyway, staring out the window and seeing nothing but blowing snow I thought to myself about what I could do to make life better for myself or for my family to help them see having a blizzard is not such a bad thing.

I ended up taking a nap, which, in my book, sounds like a great way to spend the day.

Others, however, took a different route to helping create life lessons from what has become a trying time. They made Sloppy Joe’s.

Humor me for just a moment, please.

This past Tuesday morning, after finding my way back to Redwood Falls for a full day of work (if this was interactive, you would have heard a groan at this point). As I sat at my desk wondering what I was going to do, I got a call from a guy named Mike.

Mike, last name Anderson, is an over the road trucker, and he called me to share an experience he had Monday night (Feb. 25) in Redwood Falls – the south end of town along U.S. Highway 71.

Rolling into town late Monday afternoon, Mike found himself, like 15-plus other truckers, stalled in their quest to get to their destination – his was Colorado. Mike was stranded, because the road he wanted to travel was closed.

He just had to sit and wait…and wait.

To his surprise, something completely out of the ordinary occurred. Mike got what we in Minnesota call a little lunch served by a kindly lady and what Mike assumed was her son. Yes, this pair went out of their way to serve the drivers of these stuck trucks.

They each enjoyed a Sloppy Joe courtesy of their blizzard benefactors. Mike said he was so impressed by the gesture that he had to just call back and let the rest of the community know just how impressive these two were in his mind, and he wanted to make sure they knew just how much that effort was appreciated.

That is how you make lemonade in the middle of a February blizzard.


While I applaud those who have served, whether it is feeding truck drivers, helping someone get their car out of a drift or shoveling the neighbor’s sidewalk, there always seems to be another side to the story of those who are not as pure as the driven snow.

I encountered one of them Monday night as I headed home. Learning on the way to town there were several spots on the highway where only one lane of traffic was open I drove slowly as I approached them.

The “expert” in the sports car who passed me was obviously a much better winter driver.

Who else has ever gotten to the point where you wished for a car to crash?