“Where do you want to go next?”

That is a question Polly Bowen of Redwood Falls has asked a number of times, and the answer has varied over the years as she and a friend from Texas see the world.

Most recently, Bowen made trips to Africa, with stops in Namibia in April 2018 and Uganda this past January.

Bowen talked about her travels in Africa recently as part of the Redwood Falls Public Library’s travel series offering lots of photos of the flora and fauna of that part of the globe.

Bowen said the two treks in Africa included what she called glamping, which is described as when nature meets a luxury style of camping.

Bowen was talked about the wildlife she was able to see in both countries, adding she was looking to see “the big five.”  Initially established by big-game hunters, the big five includes the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo. Now used by tourists on safari, visitors to Africa spend time traveling with guides to get a glimpse of each of them in the wild.

Going on game drives was a big part of the visits Bowen made to Africa, adding they traveled in open jeeps and were able in many instances to get very close to those animals. Yet, she added, they were never in harm’s way.

Seeing many of animals in the wild was amazing, said Bowen, although there were plenty of other animals they were also able to see in Namibia and Uganda.

One of the highlights for Bowen was visiting what is known as The Red Desert in Namibia, adding the landscapes there were beautiful.

“We saw trees there that were over 600 years old,” said Bowen. “The views everywhere were beautiful and never got tiring.”

Whether it was the variety of birds from cranes and herons to eagles and ibis or being mere feet away from gorillas, Bowen said the adventure in both Namibia and Uganda will be something she will never forget.