At one time the second month of the year held a special place for me – at least it was in the top 12.

Yet, the more days that go by in 2019 the lower on that list the month has fallen, and the free fall does not look as if it has any plans to come to an end until we all flip the page into March.

Granted, most people who do what I do don’t appreciate February all that much, especially in Minnesota. By the time it hits winter has been going on for quite a while, and most have just hunkered down to ride it out hoping it ends soon.

February is a quiet month, and when you are trying to write stories for a newspaper, that is never a good thing. Yet, looking back, I typically recall February with fondness for a number of reasons.

First of all, several of my favorite people are born in February. I won’t list them for fear I might forget someone. Just know this. If you think you would be on that list had I included one then, yes, you are.

Secondly, February is brewing month. Have you ever noticed that? Stop for a minute and say February slowly. No, it’s not Feb-you-ary. It is Fe-brew-ary. It is right there in the name, and, while some may argue what is being brewed, we all know that means coffee.

Of course, February is the month when I get to let my best half know how much I appreciate her. Here is a hint to all of you husbands out there – do not ever limit your expression of love to one day of the year. You can buy flowers, chocolate and vacuum cleaners in August just like you can for Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few more of my reasons. In February we celebrate:

• Tator Tot day – I am a huge fan of tots, but my favorite form of them really isn’t a Tator Tot at all. They are called roundabouts, and you get them at Dari King.

• Bagel Day – This is a celebration that has really grown on me in recent years. I didn’t eat a lot of bagels growing up, but now I would call them my third favorite bread.

• Work Naked Day – Yes this is actually a holiday although you may not find a card for it. I wonder if it was a plumber who first had the idea.

• Cabbage Day – This ought to be celebrated in every and all forms, just not too late in the day.

Anyway, as I already mentioned February used to be my favorite, but when tons of snow started falling and to this point has not quit I started disliking it. That increases with each passing day.

It is far too cold to celebrate Work Naked Day.

Then again, maybe I’ll work at home that day…