On Feb. 14 at 12:12 p.m., the Redwood County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a scam from the Redwood Electric Cooperative in Clements.

According to the report, a party claiming to represent the Redwood Electric Cooperative contacted a cooperative customer in Sheridan Township demanding payment for outstanding services rendered be paid in full over the phone immediately.

Fortunately, the customer the party chose to call was paid up to date on services rendered. The customer contacted the cooperative with the situation, and the cooperative then contacted the Redwood County Sheriff’s Department.

The Redwood Electric Cooperative informed the sheriff’s department that it does not collect payment for any services or past due services over the phone and is warning customers to contact the cooperative if they received any similar phone calls demanding payment immediately over the phone from someone who is claiming to represent the Redwood Electric Cooperative.

The incident remains under investigation by the sheriff’s department.