The Redwood Area Library Foundation is dedicated to finding ways to enhance the opportunities for those who patronize the local library.

Recently, it heard an idea proposed by Teri Smith, library director, that offered a new way to raise funding that would provide an entertaining opportunity for the community.

The foundation, in conjunction with Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel, is sponsoring a concert March 8 featuring a band known as the Flying Buffaloes.

That Friday night at the casino from 7-11 p.m. those who attend will hear what has been described as “traditional honky-tonk music, killer harmonies and gritty roots rhythms in a most interesting and original way.”

The five-member band met in late 2015 and recognized a “serious musical chemistry,” that led to the formation of the Flying Buffaloes.

Those who have been part of the local community for a while will recognize one of the members of that band – Jordan Harazin – a Redwood Valley High School graduate. 

Harazin cut his teeth in music performing in the area especially with his family.

It was that connection that led Smith to Harazin and the Flying Buffaloes. Smith said she connected with Harazin through social media proposing the idea of the concert.

"I thought it would be something fun and different for the library,” said Smith, adding she also made contact with Jackpot Junction to see if it was willing to co-sponsor the event by providing the concert venue.

Everything worked together, said Smith, adding the Flying Buffaloes will be doing a midwest tour, and one of those stops will be at Jackpot Junction.

Yes, said Smith, the band will be presenting a four-hour concert that day, with a few breaks during the night allowing for interaction with the audience and time for other activities offered by the library.

Tickets for the concert are only available through the library, said Smith, adding they are $35 each. Those who are interested in attending the concert are encouraged to stop by the library during regular business hours to get their ticket.

Smith added people may also call the library at (507) 616-7420. Additional information is available at

Smith said there are 300 tickets available on a first come, first served basis, and there may be tickets available at the door unless the concert is sold out in advance.

“This should be a great event,” said Smith, adding she is excited to be able to support Jordan in his musical career. Smith said the concert is a kickoff event for the annual Redwood Area Library foundation donor drive.

To learn more about the Flying Buffaloes, visit

– Photo courtesy of the Flying Buffaloes Web site