The past couple of weeks have been interesting for all of us, as we learn our resolve when it comes to all that winter can throw our way.

As you likely have guessed, I have had to utilize the Krause office accommodations twice in the past two weeks, including the time I am spending writing now.

It is 12:01 a.m. Feb. 6, and after a brief nap from about 8:45-11:15 p.m., I woke to try and accomplish some more work on today’s edition of the Gazette.

I actually made it home Tuesday night, but the main reason for that trip was to make sure my Amos and my Anna made it home safely after they had finished their tasks in town for the night.

The roads were worse than I anticipated, so I walked in the house, grabbed some new clothes for the day and headed back. While the cold has never bothered me, I am growing more and more anxious as each winter passes when the ability to distinguish roadway from ditch becomes a challenge, or when visibility is limited to the end of the hood of my car.

The new glasses I have recently acquired have helped some. (Did any of you notice?) Yet, I know there is no pair of glasses that have been invented that can see through blinding white snow. I would have willingly paid extra for that feature.

So, I have a feeling there may be a few more times yet before the end of March, or early April – possibly even some time in May – when I will be staying in town.

The older I get the more of a challenge that has become as well. Sleeping on couches may be good for the Krause progeny, and there have been times in recent days when a bit of jealousy creeps in as I watch my Amos and my Anna sleep away the early morning hours.

I have discovered that a full night of sleep may not be possible anymore, and so I have opted to try and get a few hours at a time, with time at the keyboard in between naps, to find more sleep success. I have also observed myself stretching out a lot more after sleeping on those couches trying to work out the kinks from sleeping there.

I know by the end of the day I am going to be extremely tired, but I am hopeful that I can sleep in a little Thursday morning, or perhaps because the weather is bad enough I can sleep even more. Maybe as you are reading this I am taking a short nap in the recliner in the Krause living room.

No, I have not gotten too old that I can’t sleep in one of those.

Not yet, anyway.

Stay safe out there this winter, and know if you need a place to crash when the weather gets bad I have room. Just be warned. I do snore a lot, and that could keep you from getting in any good naps.