Sitting in her office at Lakeside Manor in Redwood Falls, Lisa Weckwerth, who serves as executive director for the residential facility, deals with a variety of tasks from day to day.

Whether it is following up on paperwork or interacting with residents to ensure their needs are being met, Weckwerth is enjoying the job she has been doing for the past several months.

“It was a new challenge for me,” said Weckwerth, who added the role has allowed her to utilize her masters degree in business administration in a new way.

In her past, Weckwerth served as a manager for six homes that served developmentally disabled individuals, adding she appreciated the experience she gained from that role.

Weckwerth said her role at Lakeside Manor has been made much easier by the people she works with.

The residential facility, which has 51 units, is managed by the Redwood Falls Housing and Redeveloping Authority (HRA). The HRA has a board of directors that serves as the decision making entity for the facility and its operations.

“I work with a great board,” said Weckwerth. “They are an amazing group that has been very supportive.”

Weckwerth said things have bene going very well at Lakeside Manor, which has officially been opened again since October 2017 following a January 2013 fire that resulted in years of work to restore the facility to operational status.

Weckwerth said she continues to spread the word about Lakeside Manor, adding there are still people who think it is a facility solely for senior citizens. That, she emphasized, is not the case.

“Lakeside Manor is open to anyone,” said Weckwerth, adding Lakeside Manor provides low-rent options for people in the community.

The units are all one bedroom, said Weckwerth, who said they are impressive, adding the facility offers many amenities for residents. The building is smoke-free. The amount those who call Lakeside Home pay in rent is based on their income. 

Weckwerth said there are people who live at Lakeside who come from all walks of life – whether they are in their 20s and are just starting out in life or in their 80s. For some, Lakeside Manor serves as transitional housing as the tenants establish themselves, and for others it becomes a more permanent place to call home.

“I really enjoy being here,” said Weckwerth, adding her days are never the same.

To learn more about applying to live at Lakeside Manor, contact Weckwerth by calling (507) 637-2221, or send an e-mail to

One can also find information on the Lakeside Manor Facebook Page.