Students in the Redwood Area School District had an extended weekend this past week, as snow, wind and extreme cold resulted in the decision to cancel school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Following the decision to not have school those three days, the Redwood Area Board of Education opted to amend the 2018-19 school calendar with two changes.

Each year as a new school calendar is developed, days are built in that allow for school to be made up in the event that a day(s) have to be cancelled because of the weather. As part of the current school year calendar, there are “snow days” when school traditionally would not be held, either for students or for students and staff.

However, if school has to be cancelled, those days listed as potential make-up dates could be added back. Following the past week of missed days, the first potential day that could have been used as a student make-up day was Feb. 18. The school has decided that day will be designated as a staff development day. Students will not be attending school that day. However, students will be making up a day during the school year – March 15. 

That day students are to be in attendance. It will be the final day of the third quarter.

Parents can learn more about the school make-up day policy by referencing the student handbook for the respective site where their children attend school, by contacting school administration or by visiting the Redwood Area School District Web site at

The Redwood Area Board of Education met Jan 25. What follows are actions the board took at that meeting:

• Adopted a resolution allowing Andy Ourada, Redwood Area School District activities director, to apply for a grant from the Minnesota State High School League Foundation in the amount of $2,997. If approved, the funds would be used to conduct professional development for the district’s coaches, to expand the Leadership Academy program and to provide participation fee assistance.

• Accepted the resignations of Carol Gewerth from her position as a high-school paraprofessional; Marissa Mace from her role as an ECFE assistant; Justin Timm from his role as a high-school social studies teacher at the end of the current school year and Shayla Shaw from her role as an ECFE assistant.

• Approved the employment of Dylan Alonzo as a Cardinal Kids Club assistant at a rate of $11.50 per hour; Ashley Arnold as a Cardinal Kids Club assistant at a rate of $11.50 per hour and Dorinda Roiger as a middle-school special education paraprofessional at a rate of $11.50 per hour.

• Approved the employment of Pete Nez as an assistant track coach with a stipend of $3,169; Logan Swann as a variable position baseball coach with a stipend of $1,956 and Bobby Elwell as a junior-high baseball coach at a stipend of $1,956.

• Elected Jim Boots to serve as school board chair, Darin Prescott as clerk and Wayne Junker as treasurer.

• Discussed the calendar for the 2019-20 school year. Two options were selected to be presented to the staff, with the final decision regarding the calendar to be made in February.