Where is Roatan Island?

According to Jim and Karen Boots of Redwood Falls, it is located off of the north coast of Honduras.

The two ought to know, as they spent 16 days there in February 2018.

“Roatan has a lot of tourists and was developed for that,” said Jim.

Karen said they discovered the island watching HGTV.

“We love the Caribbean,” said Karen, adding they have spent time on a number of islands in that part of the world.

Jim and Karen Boots recently talked about their stay on Roatan Island as part of the Redwood Falls Public Library travel series. Karen said this was a retirement trip for the two of them, as they are transitioning in to a new part of their lives. 

“It was just a time for us to get away,” she added.

While there are any number of islands in the Caribbean with different types of nature, Jim and Karen Boots said they look for those islands that have a lot of nature.

“We are always scouting out new places,” said Jim, adding Roatan was a very green, lush island – just the kind of place they appreciate.

The couple booked their trip almost a year ahead, and, instead of staying in a hotel, actually rented a house for the duration of their stay.

“It was a very private area right on the beach,” said Karen, adding they liked the seclusion.

Although they had their own rented house, Jim and Karen said they did not spend a lot of time inside. Rather they were out and about doing everything the could in the outdoors.

Temperatures ranged from 75-85 degrees every day.

While they were on the island they took advantage of a variety of activities from parasailing to snorkeling. Karen said she went parasailing for the very first time, adding she enjoyed it but will never do it again.

Being a relatively small island, Jim and Karen Boots were able to tour much of it during their stay and were able to do everything from viewing the island from the top of a mountain to visiting an iguana farm.

The transportation infrastructure is not ideal, said Karen, adding there are a ton of potholes. The good news is that they did not have to rent a car but were able to travel by taxi and by boat to access different areas of the island. Jim added the cost to do that was not very high.

Jim and Karen said the enjoyed the food on Roatan Island, adding because they rented their own house they could go grocery shopping to cut down on restaurant eating, although they did plenty of that, too.

The people were very friendly said Jim and Karen, adding they met quite a few people from the United States who also visited the island.

Regardless of what they experienced or encountered, Jim and Karen said they always felt safe and considered all of it “part of the adventure.” The visit to Roatan Island was a positive one for Jim and Karen Boots, adding they had a very relaxing, enjoyable time.