Do any other parents out there share a sense of being “too busy” or of not having time to really connect with their kids?

We want our children to have all the experiences, explore the many activities and sports and learn how to be a part of their community.

However, this can often mean they are separated from us for many hours of the day. What we may need to ask ourselves is, “when do we have time for love and special moments together?”

When our Just For Kix Outback Bowl fundraising committee began meeting in August 2018, we asked about how we could create an event, an atmosphere of fun, for young ladies of all ages to enjoy time with the ones they love.

The Diva Ball was born out of the idea that little girls should be celebrated. They should be given a night of fun to enjoy with someone who cares for them where the night is about them.

We wanted to give a dad, mom, special friend or chaperone the opportunity to take a little girl for a night out, with dancing, pictures, activities, food and...more dancing.

The Diva Ball is Feb. 9 from 6-9 p.m. at the Redwood Area Community Center in Redwood Falls. Tickets are $30 per couple and come with a free corsage, if ordered by Jan. 28. Adults can purchase a ticket on the Redwood Falls Outback Bowl Trip Web site at or by contacting me at (507) 381-1425.

Adults can also register a second little diva for only $15. Ticket prices increase to $40 per couple Jan. 29 and can be bought at the door the night of the event.

Why not celebrate your little diva with a night full of fun, music, treats and special photos that will create memories to last a lifetime?

– Ann Vote is a wife, mom, dance director and business owner from the Morgan area