People need external wisdom simply because they can’t know everything about everything.

That, said Vicki Phillips, is why we have doctors, financial advisors, teachers and pastors to name a few.

So, it makes sense to seek advice when it comes to fitness and wellness, too.

For Phillips and Jackie Lueck of Redwood Falls fitness and wellness can be enhanced through the implementation of sound biblical principles.

With that in mind, Phillips and Lueck have been planning what they have described as a fun, interactive seminar for all women that will address fitness as God intended. The seminar is being held Jan. 19 from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. at the Redwood Falls Evangelical Free Church.

The seminar will be led by Phillips who will put her experience, faith and education together to offer a wellness concept from the Christian point of view.

No, said Phillips, this is not an event being held to contradict other programs that are already taking place in the community, but it is meant to build on them and to help people, especially as a new year has begun, to see how they as Christians can find balance between what they believe and taking better care of themselves.

That, said Phillips, is the core of who we are as people who hold to the truths of the Christian faith.

No, said Lueck, this seminar is not just for people who have already established a wellness regimen. Any woman at any walk of life who wants to learn more about fitness and wellness from a faith perspective is encouraged to attend.

While there may be some hands-on opportunities during the seminar, Lueck and Phillips stressed they would be very low-key as they aim to ensure no one feels uncomfortable or thinks they should not attend simply because they have not exercised for a while – or ever.

The cost to take part in the seminar is $10, which Lueck said is to cover the costs of the snacks and any handouts that are being provided that day. Phillips added the food that is being offered will be wholesome to fit in with the theme of the day. 

Those who plan to attend are asked to reserve their spot by Jan. 14. The $10 fee may be paid at the door Jan. 19. To make a reservation, call (507) 430-3417, send an e-mail to or find a link on the Redwood Falls Evangelical Free Church Web site at

According to Phillips, “We know it brings honor to God when we are wise stewards of our body (the temple – which he bought at such a great price). The secular world often separates physical and mental training from the spiritual world – and/or it weaves secular and possibly evil/harmful practices into the physical fitness format. As faithful servants of Christ, we do not separate our being (for example, physical /mental from spiritual) or give ourselves to patterns of this world. This seminar will offer assistance to the attendees to wholeheartedly turn to God and his Word, to lovingly renew our minds and transform our hearts – our whole being – into a fully living, holy, sacrifice.”

Lueck said there are no strings attached to attending the event, adding this is a way to jump start 2019. However, the hope is, based on the outcome of the Jan. 19 event, to host other similar seminars/programs in the future for those who are looking to take wellness and their spiritual journey to the next level.

Lueck, who is a certified fitness instructor, started a program known as Body and Soul through her church, and those who are interested will be able to find out more about that program Jan. 19, as well.

Lueck, who grew up in the years prior to Title IX, said she never participated in organized sports, adding she never plans to run a marathon. Experiencing wellness is not limited to those types of activities, she said, as one can do it in day-to-day activities, such as working in the garden.

Phillips and Lueck both expressed their excitement for the Jan. 19 seminar and said they are looking forward to the chance to help others find joy in spiritual and physical health.