EDA Coordinator's column

The Finance Committee of the EDA Board submitted recommendations for approval of Downtown Rehab Improvement Program Applications from Adalyn Properties (PIX building) and from Tommie Johnnie LLC (former Bolten Menk building) to the full EDA Board. The Board approved both applications. There were also recommendations for approval of the Sign & Awning Program applications from those same applicants, as well as Randy’s Family Drug. The Board discussed and approved these three applications as well. It is a sign of progress as we observe the use of EDA programs designed to improve and preserve our downtown buildings.

Because the City Council approved the 2019 budget at their December meeting, the EDA will be able to incorporate another program in 2019 that will be used specifically for building façade/front improvements. I have been in contact with four downtown property owners who have voiced an interest in participating in that program, which will be a $25,000 maximum matching grant program. There will be more details on this program and its applicants after the first of the new year, when I will be distributing the application forms and can begin the process of getting this program underway.

The Board also spent time discussing the ongoing EDA involvement with the Little Sprouts Learning Center and have set a date for a joint Board Meeting to discuss continued cooperative work and efforts that have been going on since the center went on its own and came out from under the control of Tri-Valley. I will continue to share information on these efforts as they become available.

I will more than likely have a lengthier article after January’s Annual EDA Planning Meeting.

The EDA Board strives to continue to move forward in a positive manner by maintaining and improving the community through retention and growth of business, industry, and services. If anyone has any questions, wants more information or details on any of the projects the EDA is working on, please feel free to contact me.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!