Dear Readers,

As we look at the world around us things can seem a little grim at times. We must always remember to hold dear those positive and inspirational moments and people who make the world a better place.

This is why we are excited to introduce “12 Who Made A Difference”. We are looking for ordinary people who made a difference to your life, to someone you know, to an organization you cherish, or to the community at large.

Mr. Rogers always said, “Look for the helpers” when things seem bad in the world around you. Look for the people who are making a difference, lending a hand, or lifting up those around them.

We need your help to find and celebrate those individuals in our community. The Redwood Gazette and the Wabasso Standard have created a place online for you to go an nominate someone you know deserves recognition.

Go to and give us their name and a description that will let our readers know how they are making a difference. The Redwood Gazette and the Wabasso Standard will be accepting nominations between December 31, 2018, and January 11, 2019.

After the nomination round, we will post the submissions online and encourage our readers to vote for 12 who we will feature in a special section in 2019 that celebrates those who are making a difference.

Every day there are inspirational and positive things that happen in our community. We must seek them out, celebrate them, and hope that we can lift one another up in joy and love.