As of Sept. 18, 2018 a longstanding business in Redwood Falls changed hands and names.

What had been known for decades as Scott-Preusse became Marthaler Chevrolet Buick in Redwood Falls, and with that change a new face came to the community.

Justin Olson, who is originally from Northfield, is now serving as the general manager for the Marthaler Chevrolet Buick dealership in Redwood Falls.

“I’ve been in the car business for 18 years,” said Olson.

Starting in sales, Olson worked his way up the ladder in the industry having worked at one time for Apple Valley Ford. What the move to Redwood Falls allows Olson to do is to continue to climb the ladder.

“I have always wanted to be a dealer,” said Olson, and the move to Redwood Falls will allow that to happen.

While the company is currently owned by Marthaler, in January Olson will officially purchase the Redwood Falls dealership and over time will buy the dealership. Until that purchase is complete, the local dealership will retain the Marthaler name.

Olson said he appreciates the Marthaler company philosophy of striving to make the car buying experience a pleasant one for customers.

“Buying a car should be enjoyable,” said Olson, adding dealerships like Marthaler are working hard to eliminate the stigma of car dealerships that has existed for so long.

Marthaler dealerships work under what is known as a best price philosophy.

“We don’t play games,” said Olson, adding it is about making the customer happy in the end.

That way they come back the next time they need to buy a car.

Olson said he wants to build on the good reputation that was established at Scott-Preusse in the community, adding it maintains that small-town feel.

Olson said those who are part of the local dealership are good at what they do and they are willing to change with the times to help make the business better. That was a big part of what made the local dealership attractive.

“This is a good car market,” said Olson.

Although the Marthaler company may own a number of dealerships, it maintains that family-owned business model, said Olson, adding it is not run like a corporation. While changes may take place to create some efficiencies at the local dealership, especially as it relates to technology, Marthaler said all of the services from sales to service will remain as part of the local dealership.

Currently the focus is on building up the vehicle inventory at the dealership, said Olson. While that is taking place, the work of selling cars is happening, too.

Olson said in the time that Marthaler has been part of the community sales business has already doubled. Olson added the company is currently looking to hire a few individuals, including detailers, light duty technicians and body shop technicians.

Olson said he did not plan initially on making a career from his role in auto sales, but said once he started figuring out more and more of it he fell in love with it.

Yet, he added, there is still a lot to learn.

“There are millions of moving parts in a dealership,” said Olson.

Olson and his wife Catherine have become part of the community. Olson has one daughter, Paige, who is a senior at Apple Valley. He also has three stepchildren.

“This is really a great community,” he said.

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