Following its Truth in Taxation meeting held Nov. 27, the Redwood County Board of Commissioners certified the 2019 property tax levy, which includes a 3.1 percent increase over 2018.

Then, due to a change in its budget, the county amended the levy dropping the actual amount by approximately $8,000.

According to Vicki Knobloch, the reduction came from Southwest Health and Human Services, which reduced its public health request by that $8,000 amount.

The total adjusted levy for 2019 is $12,506,121, which reflects the 3.1 percent chance from the $12,135,636 that was levied in 2018.

The amended levy resolution was adopted at the county board’s Dec. 11 meeting.

The levy includes $6,951,905 for the revenue fund, $2,589,097 for the human services fund, $1,795,000 for the road and bridge fund, $950,000 for the building fund, $555,435 for the debt service fund, $204,752 for the public health fund and $108,573 for the regional library.

The budget for 2019 was also approved with total budgeted revenue of $30,929,081 and total budget expenses of $37,940,184.

In other action during its Dec. 11 meeting, the county board set by resolution the 2019 salaries for county elected officials.

The salaries are:

• $113,420.16 for the county sheriff

• $100,537.20 for the auditor-treasurer

• $96,089.76 for the county attorney

• $86,192.64 for the county recorder

• $26,915 for the county commissioners, which did not increase for 2019.