50 years ago

December 1968

• Former Redwood area resident C. B. Weiland, 86, who, as a young Iowa farmer in 1907, saw Orville and Wilbur Wright fly an “aeroplane” at an exhibition flight, was an invited guest to the Boeing Corporation’s introduction of their first 747 jumbo jet. Weiland said the five-story tall tail of the 747 was about twice as high as the Wright Brothers’ plane could fly.

• Redwood Falls soldiers Dennis Reck and Thomas Cherry, flying home for leave from, respectively, Vietnam and Korea, ended up being seated near each other on the same flight to Minnesota from Seattle.

• The city council approved Holiday Service Station getting the contract for the City of Redwood vehicles’ gasoline for 1969, for 25,000 gallons at 21.8 cents per gallon.

• The Redwood Falls School District announced it would start adult education classes in early 1969, with subjects ranging from electronics to knitting.

• The Falls Red Owl Super Market’s holiday ad included two pounds of colored popcorn for 39 cents, ham for 69 cents per pound and a three-pound can of coffee for $1.89.

• A Gazette editor noted he didn’t have high hopes for the Paris peace negotiations about Viet-nam after he learned the diplomats still hadn’t agreed on whether to sit around a round, oval or square table.

• The local Chamber of Commerce announced that Redwood Falls businesses would all close at 4 p.m. Christmas Eve.

• Because of a bumper corn crop, area farmers’ elevators all had tens of thousands of bushels in piles on their lots, with dryers running 24-hours a day and three boxcars of corn leaving the Franklin elevator twice a week.

25 years ago

December 1993

• Area hotels were all booked months in advance for the first Farmfest event to be held at Gilfillan Estates the following summer, in August 1994.

• As the flu whipped through the area, 135 students were absent from Redwood Valley Middle School Dec. 7, more than one-fourth of the middle school’s enrollment.

• With Reede Gray Elementary School in its first year of using teaching assistants in each room, the school board concluded the program was working at both helping students and saving the district money.

10 years ago

December 2008

• “Right now isn’t the funnest time to be on the city council,” said Mayor Gary Revier when Redwood’s anticipated revenues for the coming year looked to be slightly over $2 million less than anticipated expenses.

• The new “Buried Treasures” feature debuted in the Gazette, focusing on items of interest taken directly from old issues of the newspaper dating back to the 1870s.

• RVMS eighth grader Austin Abrahamson was one of the top solvers of the Rubik’s Cube in the world, ranked in the 17,000s out of all of the millions of people on Earth who played with the popular toy.