When Morrill Worcester began placing wreaths in honor of veterans, those wreaths had a meaning. Each wreath is made of bouquets, with each bouquet recognizing a characteristic of a veteran. Honor, faith, sacrifice, integrity, pride, patriotism and respect are all reflected in the wreath.

This Saturday wreaths will be placed nationwide. 

Those wreath placing events are part of a greater effort known as Wreaths Across America, and at noon Dec. 15 wreaths will be placed to offer an homage to those who have served this country.

Events are taking place locally as part of what is known as Wreaths Across the Redwood Area.

This year marks the ninth time Wreaths Across the Redwood Area has been celebrated. It is a time when communities gather together to place wreaths in honor and in memory of those whose sacrifices have ensured that everyone who lives in this country can experience freedom.

According to Brian Sams, who helps to coordinate the event, “although this is our ninth year, I am deeply humbled, yet still baffled, by the veterans telling me ‘thank you’ when it should be all of us giving them thanks for all they have done. All of our volunteers feel the same. It is our honor to take a few moments of our time and pay tribute.”

Wreath laying ceremonies are being held at a number of locations in the area, with each branch of the military honored with a wreath.

What follows is a list of the locations in the area where programs are being held:

• In Belview at the American Legion Hall fence

• In Clements at the park near the American Legion Hall

• In Lamberton at Memorial Park

• In the Lower Sioux community at the Bishop Whipple Mission

• In Lucan at the city park

• In Milroy at the southwest corner of the city park

• In Morton at the northwest corner of the city park

• In Redwood Falls at the Armory by the Brent Koch Memorial

• In Redwood Falls at Memorial Field

• In Revere at the park

• In Sanborn at the bell tower

• In Seaforth at the American Legion

• In Vesta located at the community hall flag pole

• In Wabasso at the community center

• In Walnut Grove at the American Legion Hall

• In Wanda at the gazebo near the fire hall The public is encouraged to attend a brief ceremony in their area this Saturday at 12 p.m.

Sams expressed sincere words of thanks to all of those groups and individuals who have donated money to help offset the cost of the wreaths.

To learn more about donating to help with this project, call (507) 640-0390.

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