The Redwood County 4-H program celebrated the successes of 2018 at its annual awards banquet, which was held Nov. 18 in Wabasso. The event recognizes the achievements of youth who are involved in the 4-H program and the adults who help to make that possible.

What follows is a list of the awards presented to local youth and adults at the annual banquet:

• The top reporter award was presented to Madilyn Mages of the Golden Gophers.

• The top treasurer award was presented to Noah Netzke of the Lamberton Leprechauns, with Regan Jacoby named reserve champion treasurer. Honorable mention awards were presented to Maddie Mages of the Golden Gophers and Sydney LaVoy of the Milroy Go Getters.

• The Redwood County 4-H dog project member of the year, which is presented to the member who demonstrates determination, hard work, a willingness to help others and a commitment to the project, was presented to Heather Lemcke.

• The dog handler of the year award, which is presented to the owner and dog team that has show the most improvement, was presented to Torie Lemcke.

• The Chad Landkammer Award, which recognizes a shooting sports project member who has demonstrated visible growth in the project and has been a leader for fellow project members, was presented to Carl Swedzinski of the Shooting Sports Club.

• The Friend of 4-H Award, which is the highest honor Redwood County 4-Hers can bestow on those who support the 4-H program, was presented to Farmers Union Industries and the Redwood County Corn and Soybean Growers Association.

• The 4-H leader of the year award is presented to the adult who donates their time, shows commitment to youth development and serves as a role model for 4-H youth. The 2018 recipient is Brittany Johnson of the Golden Gophers.

• Thomas Netzke was recognized as a member of the Redwood/Lyon counties livestock judging team that competed at nationals.

Several 4-Hers were also recognized during the banquet for achieving participation milestones as 4-H members. They include:

• From the Shooting Sports Club – Katherine Foy, Elijah Kirschstein and Meriah Kirschstein, all 10th-year members.

• From the Village Kids Club – Eliza Bentson, Maxwell Bentson, Aubrielle Iverson, Finn Jacobson, Kate Jacobson, Aidan Luckhardt, Madilyn Luckhardt, Natalie Lueck, Amelia Rasmussen, Lily Smith, Lillian Tostenrud and Julius Yang – all first-year members.

• From the Gloria Dei Riders – Elway Berg, Finnley Berg, Gabbey Berg, Halladay Berg, Austin Gunderson, Joshua Gunderson, Matthew Kaden, Jared Malecek and Baxter Wanzek – all first-year members.

• From the Golden Gophers – Mary Ann Anderson, Katie Bernardy, Ethan Carlson, Jayden Carlson, Macie Kodet, Olivia Mathiowetz, Treston Mathiowetz and Michael Tauer – 10th-year members; Heather Lemcke, Torie Lemcke and Colton Mages – fifth-year members; Brooke Hoffbeck, Brynn Hoffbeck, Adeline Hopkins and Aidan Nelson – first-year members

• From the Lamberton Leprechauns – Abraham Stevens and Makenna Winkelmann – fifth-year members; Aiden Prechel and Tori Prechel – first-year members

• From the Milroy Go Getters – Rachel Coudron – 10th-year member; Leah Lightfoot, Tyson Lightfoot, Janel Schwartz and Samuel Zeug – fifth-year members; Katelyn Swenhaugen and Taylor Swenhaugen – first-year members

• From the Springdale Climbers – Sage Bents and Skylar Otto – fifth-year members; Kerrigan Knapper – first-year member

• From Sunktanka – Maria Arredondo, Tala Burnes and Gabby Dow – fifth-year members; Gianna LaRouge-Mahto, Josephine LaRose and Kaila Renville – first-year members

• From the Valley Blazers – Jared Stoen and Nicole Stoen – 10th-year members; Hattie Bruns, Lydia Bruns, Mason Davis, Kennedy Ferrier, Lindsey Guggisberg, Kody Robinson and Tyler Robinson – first-year members 

• From the Vesta Vikings – Rory Bengtson – 10th-year member; Eli Bengtson and Marisa Jacoby – fifth-year members; Dustin Carlson, Aliana Kidrowski, Isabella Kidrowski, Kelsey Kramer, Shelby Kramer, Erica Peterson, Marshall Peterson, Cadence Pope and Noah Pope – first-year members

• Independent members – Jason Davis – 10th-year member; Brooklynn Debbout, Lauren Dolezal and Mallory Dolezal – first-year members

The following adult leaders were also recognized at the event:

• Lori Jacoby, Vesta Vikings – first year

• Kelly Krause, Vesta Vikings – 12 years

• JoDee Altmann, Valley Blazers – four years

• Jessica Huhnerkoch, Valley Blazers – first year

• Dory Stands, Sunktanka – first year

• Tom Hook, Springdale Climbers – 12 years

• Shannon Hook, Springdale Climbers, 12 years

• Robin Hauger, Milroy Go Getters – first year

• Krista Zeug, Milroy Go Getters – three years

• Kerry Netzke, Lamberton Leprechauns – six years

• Leah Teveldal, Lamberton Leprechauns – six years

• Kris Anderson, Golden Gophers – six years

• Brenda Zeug, Golden Gophers – six years

• Paul Zeug, Golden Gophers – six years

• Cindy Wittwer-Swierenga, Gloria Dei Riders, 11 years

• Carrie Tostenrud, Village Kids Club – first year

• Jerry Ludwig, Shooting Sports – 13 years