50 years ago

December 1968

• Real West magazine featured a story profiling the Henry Gohrman family, which settled in the Redwood Falls area in 1872 and moved to New Mexico in 1888 after an especially bad winter here.

• On the subject of carpeting for the new RFHS addition, the school board turned the decision about what kind and color to get to the sole discretion of Mrs. W.H. Preusse, the school board’s only female member, since she was acknowledged to be more knowledgeable about that sort of thing.

• In other school board news, science teacher Bruce Grunwald suggested the board look into the possibility of installing an astronomical observatory on the high school roof.

• Three months after thieves successfully broke into the Gambles store in Danube, a trio of rather unintelligent thieves tried breaking into the store again and were met with shotgun fire by the store’s owner and by the Danube police chief. The three got away but had to abandon cash and liquor they had stolen from the Danube liquor store earlier in the evening.

• Volunteer firemen helped transfer 42 patients from the old section of the Redwood Falls Hospital to their rooms in the new addition in one all-night session.

• About 130 hogs were running loose north of Delhi after a truck carrying them slid off an icy road into a ditch.

•The Cadet Girl Scouts Troop 98 held a Christmas tea Monday for their mothers at First English Lutheran Church.

25 years ago

December 1993

• The highest score of a basketball game recorded in the new RVHS gymnasium was set during a Redwood Falls Hoops Club fundraiser, when a pro-am team from the Twin Cities – that happened to have three then-current members of the Harlem Globetrotters – defeated the Redwood city men’s league team 177 - 122.

• Penny Becker, executive director of the Minnesota Inventors Congress in Redwood Falls, was named by Gov. Arne Carlson to the new Minnesota Board of Invention.

• About 150 people attended a meeting at RVHS to debate whether or not local restaurants and bars should be allowed to have video slot machines, which would place them in competition with local casinos.

10 years ago

December 2008

• A Canby-area World War II veteran who collected old military artifacts sold several items to Redwood Falls Mayor Gary Revier – a dozen or so journals written by Redwood Falls founder Col. Sam McPhail, covering his time in the Mexican-American War in the 1840s through the 1870s. Among other discoveries was the fact the town of Redwood Falls was almost named “Fort Hilmer” instead.

• The Freezin’ for Food drive came a little short of its goal for 2008, leaving the organization almost one ton of donated food short of 50 tons since the event had started five years earlier.

• After 26 years, the Redwood Rollers Square Dance club held its final dance event.