50 years ago

November 1968

• The Redwood Falls Police Department began making 24-hour radio communications available for its vehicles and dispatchers.

• Redwood Falls airport staff began reporting a new weather measurement developed by the U.S. Army Medical Service – wind chill or how much colder the temperature feels when combined with the wind.

• For nearly three full days, there was only two degrees temperature variation in Red-wood Falls as measured at the airport, with a low temperature of 33 degrees and a high of 35 during that whole span.

• With the new Redwood Falls Hospital addition about to become usable, bids were opened for a new portable X-ray unit and other equipment.

• In other hospital news, Martin and Winifred Ehlers donated a wall of stained glass to be built into a chapel for the new hospital addition.

• Also, with the new addition, the hospital’s existing 13 telephone system was massively expanded and would include 113 separate phone lines.

25 years ago

November 1993

• Three weather records were broken on three consecutive days: On Wednesday, Nov. 24, .41 inches of precipitation fell, breaking the previous record of .16 inches set in 1946. On Thursday, Nov. 25, .22 inches of precipitation fell, breaking the previous record of .12 set in 1952. On Friday, Nov. 26, the temperature dropped to -11, breaking the previous record of -10 set in 1977.

• The school board approved adding about six inches of fill and topsoil to create two new softball diamonds behind the high school.

• Redwood County and the Lower Sioux Community agreed to split the $270,000 cost of an improved casino road access project.

• The Franklin post office, founded April 26, 1869, got ready to celebrate its 125th anniversary with a special, custom-made postmark.

• Reede Gray Elementary School’s parents advisory council donated three new VCRs to the school library.

10 years ago

November 2008

• The city of Montevideo sponsored a forum in order to see how much interest there was in the possibility of trying to create a veterans home in southwestern Minnesota.

• The school board approved the creation of a disk golf course on its property.

• The Minnesota Library Association posthumously honored Sandy Fuhr as the 2008 academic librarian of the year for the work she had done supervising the Southwest State University library system.