50 years ago

November 1968

• Evelyn Frederickson, who single-handedly cooked for 200 students, teachers and staff every day at Redwood Catholic School, was officially given the title “Queen Evelyn” by the students for her efforts.

• Waterfowl harassers struck the Lake Redwood flock for the second time in a month, smashing the fence by the goose pen, overturning the feeders into the lake and stealing some tame ducks penned with the geese.

• Redwood Falls residents, still bitter about losing a regional college to Marshall several years earlier, learned Redwood Falls was on the short list of towns being considered for junior college, along with Hutchinson and Alexandria.

• Lee Patten was named the MVP at the Lions Club annual banquet for Redwood Falls High School football players.

• At the same dinner, Jay Smith set an all-time record with his four word acceptance speech after being named RFHS football co-captain for the 1969-70 school year: “That sounds pretty good.”

• Owens Appliances had an advertisement for a Waste King Universal Stainless Steel Dishwasher, guaranteed until 1988.

25 years ago

November 1993

• After several area residents complained it inconvenienced and irritated them when fire trucks and other emergency vehicles roared through town with their lights flashing and sirens sounding, Fire Chief Dave Messer wrote a letter to the editor reminding the public the goal was for firefighters to save lives by getting to the emergency scene as fast as possible.

• Randal Ryan of Redwood Falls was hospitalized after a 15-pound pipe from the truck driving in front of him fell, smashing into Ryan’s car at nearly 100 miles per hour, and knocked Ryan unconscious. After going into the ditch, Ryan was able to use his car phone to call his wife, who relayed the vehicle’s approximate location to emergency personnel.

• A developer proposed a plan to build a new 154-room hotel complex in Morton.

• County commissioners received a $82,000 estimate for repairs on the Redwood County courthouse foundation after the latest round of heavy rains and flooding.

• The state fire marshall concluded two fires set at separate farm sites within hours of each other in Sundown Township were set by arson.

• The Redwood Area Hospital announced by March 1994 at the latest, kidney dialysis would be offered on-site at the hospital.

10 years ago

November 2008

• After a driver kept trying to park in the Redwood Area Hospital’s parking lot after it had been closed by the police so a helicopter could land, the city council adopted an ordinance to make that activity a punishable offense.

• Redwood County staff did their part in the statewide recount of ballots for the disputed Norm Coleman/Al Franken election results.