Sections of 11 highways in southwest Minnesota will have speed limit increases from 55 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour by the end of 2018.

The increases are the result of a 2014 legislative mandate for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)  to study posted speed limits on all two-lane state highways and make recommendations for possible speed limit increases.

MnDOT District 8 in southwest Minnesota, which consists of 12 counties, has completed the study on its rural two-lane highways.

The state highways which will have increased speed limits within the District 8 study area include:

• Highway 4 from Hector to Highway 55

• Highway 9 from CSAH 33 (north of New London) to Highway 104 (west of Sunburg)

• U.S. Highway 14 from the South Dakota border to Highway 71

• Highway 15 from Winthrop to the north Meeker County line

• Highway 19 from the South Dakota border to Fairfax

• Highway 30 from the South Dakota border to Slayton and from U.S. Highway 59 to Westbrook

• Highway 40 from Highway 119 to Willmar

• U.S. Highway 59 from Marshall to Clarkfield

• Highway 119 from U.S. Highway 212 to Highway 40

• Highway 267 from Iona to Highway 30 (west of Slayton)

• Highway 271 from Highway 19 to the South Dakota border

The speed limit is effective when the new signs are posted.

Existing stop conditions or urban environments are used for the transition in speeds, so that motorists will see a posted sign.

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Image courtesy of the Internet public domain