50 years ago

November 1968

• New Redwood Falls game warden Leo Haseman was accidentally shot in the foot in a weird “hunting” accident. Haseman was on temporary deer hunting duty near Brainerd and in his Pine River hotel room shaving when a rifle belonging to the hunter in the next room accidentally discharged, going through the hotel room wall and hitting Haseman’s foot.

• Sadie Morse, 103, Redwood County’s oldest resident, died in the county nursing home a month after falling and breaking her hip. She was born Oct 11, 1865, five months after the end of the Civil War.

• The Redwood Falls post office installed an outdoor mailbox for any out-of-town mail to be dropped off after regular business hours.

• Francina Schallenberg, a Dutch girl who spent 1962-63 as a foreign exchange student at RFHS, wrote a letter thanking the town of Redwood Falls for helping her find a husband. Schallenberg used her experience as a student at RFHS to help her land a job as a United Nations tour guide in New York. There she met her husband, a Russian engineer based in Jacksonville, Fla.

• A city crew installed a new parking meter downtown near the corner of Washington and East Third streets. While the crew was taking a coffee break, someone stole the entire parking meter in broad daylight, lifting it out of the new sidewalk section before the concrete had set.

• RFHS Principal George Ramseth announced that homemade foods would no longer be allowed in bake sales or other fundraisers because of a U.S. Department of Health directive prohibiting them.

• A Belview man died in an explosion when a pickup truck that may have been used to store dynamite by a ditching firm went off.

• With the Redwood Falls Hospital’s new addition just about ready to open, the city council heard from hospital staff that the hospital’s in-patient occupancy for the previous few months had never gotten lower than 90 percent and several times reached 105 percent.

• In related news, the city council agreed to a plan to have area firefighters help move patients from the older part of the hospital to their rooms in the new addition on Dec. 5.

• The city council also agreed to a plan to temporarily close in the Ramsey Park lower shelter house with plywood over the openings to provide a warming house for snowmobilers. City Engineer Kenneth Martens said members of the new snowmobilers group in town would provide volunteer labor for the project. “The fact that they’re snowmobilers proves they’re pretty good people,” Martens said.

25 years ago

November 1993

• A Redwood Falls teenager was arrested after setting off eight “McGyver bombs” (improvised explosive devices made from pop bottles) around town in a fit of what Police Chief Terry Hutson called “random, malicious mischief."

• Joyce and Randy Panitzke were named the Redwood County Foster Care Providers of the Year.

• The city council voted to name the service road south of Highway 19/71 “Register Road” after former mayor Orin “Cash” Register.