Five individuals filed to serve on the Redwood Area Board of Education for the four seats that were open, all four incumbents will continue to serve on the board.

Tim Joyce received 2,137 votes (23 percent) in the election. Clark Grannes received 1,825 votes (19.9 percent). Jim Boots received 1,800 votes (19.6 percent. Tony Miller received 1,764 votes (19.2 percent) Erica Plaetz received 1,597 votes (17 percent). There were a total of 35 write-in votes cast in the Redwood Area School Board election.

• In the Cedar Mountain School Board election, three candidates filed for the three open positions, with Doug Mathiowetz receiving 700 votes (35 percent), Jennifer Rose receiving 678 votes (34 percent) and Ash Heibel receiving 597 votes (30 percent). There were 24 write-in votes cast. 

Also in Cedar Mountain, the referendum to increase the general education revenue by $790 per pupil was approved with 464 votes (54 percent) in favor of the levy and 392 (46 percent voting against the referendum. The referendum will be in place for the next 10 years.

• In the Wabasso school board election five candidates filed for four open seats. Travis Welch received 755 votes (21 percent), David Eis received 744 votes (21 percent), Tom Carlson received 743 votes (21 percent), Caroline Netzke received 651 votes (18 percent) and Ann Doubler received 603 votes (17 percent). There were 22 write-in votes cast in the election.

• In the Springfield school district, there were four candidates running for three open seats, with Mandy (Kuelbs) Rasset receiving 703 votes (29 percent), Jeffrey A. Kretsch receiving 701 votes (29 percent), Ramsey Beyer receiving 660 votes (27 percent) and Michael Joseph Rogotzke receiving 363 votes (15 percent). There were six write-in votes.

• In the Westbrook-Walnut Grove school board election, five candidates filed for four open seats, with Greg Madson receiving 714 votes (22 percent), Maury Kuehl receiving 698 votes (22 percent), Maydra A. Maas receiving 668 votes (21 percent), Nicole Brown receiving 637 votes (20 percent) and Jason Algyer receiving 475 votes (15 percent). There were nine write-ins.

• In the Red Rock Central school board election, Kelly Heather-Pfarr received 237 votes (51 percent) in District 1, with 226 write-in votes cast, John Hansen received 413 votes (91 percent) in District 2 with 42 write-in votes and William Rogotzke received 397 votes (93 percent) in District 3. There were 29 write-in votes.

The referendum question posed to the residents of the Red Rock Central School board, which would have revoked the existing levy of $1,417.08 per pupil and replaced it with a $1,517.08 per pupil levy, failed with 833 votes (56 percent) against and 651 (44 percent) in favor.

• In the Milroy School District three candidates filed for the three open positions, with Kathleen Kesteloot receiving 236 votes (37 percent), Scott Bowman receiving 207 votes (33 percent) and Sara Lipetzky receiving 180 votes (29 percent). There were eight write-in votes cast.