Henry Meyers understands very well the impact of decisions.

“Life is a series of choices, and we need to embrace that,” said Meyers, who spoke at the Redwood Area Choices Pregnancy Center 25th anniversary banquet held Nov. 2 at the Redwood Area Community Center in Redwood Falls.

A child of adoption, Meyers said it was his biological mother who made the choice to carry him to term, give birth and then give him to someone else.

“My mother chose life,” said Meyers, adding because of that he has been able to have a rich and full life.

Originally from Iowa where he farmed and worked as an agriculture education teacher, Meyers later found he was being called to the ministry.

Most recently he and his family have been serving at Grace Community Church in Olivia.

Meyers’ wife, Carrie, is the executive director of the Choices Pregnancy Center, and together they have nine children.

In 2009, Meyers said he was given the opportunity to meet his biological mother, and he discovered the message he had heard his entire life that his mother, who was not married to his biological father, had loved him so much that she was willing to give him a better life through adoption. He was told that every year on his birthday his mother would cry.

The Choices Pregnancy Center is all about helping people make informed decisions, and during the 25th anniversary banquet, current and past leaders and supporters talked about the successes that have been accomplished over the years.

They also talked about the vision for the future of the program. 

Carrie Meyers shared that the program is making a difference for the area, adding in its first 14 years, the program worked with 700 people.

From 2008-18 the number of client visits has increased. During that period it served 3,816 people at the center.

Carrie Meyers added the vision is to continue to see that number increasing, adding in the last year it had 68 clients, offered 400 education classes and provided 982 items through its baby boutique.

Through education, assistance and support, the Choices Pregnancy Center is providing hope, said Meyers.

For Meyers enhancing what is being offered means broadening its online presence. She complimented the work of Karen Ingle, who manages the online presence for the program. Growing that presence can help to spread the word about the program.

In addition Meyers wants to update the education curriculum that is being provided, and the program also has a vision of speaking with students about sexual risk avoidance in the future.

All of that takes funding, and while Meyers expressed her appreciation on behalf of the program to those who have donated, she knows that needs to keep happening for the Choices Pregnancy Center to continue to make a difference.

Is it really making a difference?

Gwenn Harrington, Earn While You Learn program coordinator, thinks so, and she shared the story of one of the program’s clients – Michelle Roth.

In a video Q&A, Roth said she was walking to the food shelf one day and happened to notice the Choices Pregnancy Center. While she did not go in at first, Roth ultimately walked through the door and was given information that has helped her to become a better mom and to start getting more involved in her church again, adding the whole family is better off today because of the day she walked through that door and got help.

To learn more about what the Choices Pregnancy Center can provide, visit www.choicespregnancycenter.com.