50 years ago

November 1968

• Former Springfield High School football star Charles Hunt, of Olivia, used his skills to block an escape attempt from the Renville County Jail. Hunt, the assistant Renville County attorney, jumped out of his car to chase and capture a St. Paul man who was being held in the jail for burglarizing the hardware store in Morton and who had overpowered a deputy bringing lunch to the prisoners.

• First Northwestern Bank announced it would soon introduce the first credit card service in Redwood Falls. The new Master Charge card would be available to area residents in early 1969.

• The school board gave Superintendent Thomas Lykins permission for the school to develop a new adult education program focusing on career development programs.

• Voter turnout in Redwood Falls hit a new high of 2, 249, or 10 above the previous record of 2,239 set in 1960.

• The Redwood Civil Air Patrol offered a new Instrument Flight Training course at the Redwood Falls airport.

• Two intoxicated Danube men were arrested after exchanging insults in the Ehlers store in Redwood Falls, then stopping their cars beside South Mill Street next to the Redwood Falls Nursery and getting into a fist fight in the ditch.

25 years ago

November 1993

• The seven surviving World War I veterans in Redwood and Renville counties received medals in honor of the 75th anniversary of the end of that war Nov. 11, 1918. The oldest area WWI veteran was 100 years old, the youngest was 93.

• The city council considered an ordinance setting penalties for false fire alarms, considering each false alarm cost the taxpayers at least $171 in firefighting costs to check out and considering there had recently been 21 false fire alarms just from the Redwood Valley School.

• After the demolition of the old Redwood Falls High School building, the public got a chance to examine school-related items placed in time capsules in the school in 1924, 1937 and 1954.

• Remote model airplane enthusiast Vern Maserek designed a custom flying aircraft that looked like a witch on a broomstick.

• U of M medical student Michelle Olson, originally from the Tracy area, spent a week working at the ACMC clinic in Redwood Falls as part of the rural physicians associates program.

• To help publicize winter hazard awareness week in Minnesota, the weather gods provided a paralyzing combination of rain, freezing rain, and a couple inches of snow overnight in the area.

10 years ago

November 2008

• As a reward for Reede Gray Elementary School students collecting more than 10,000 box tops for a fundraiser, the students were visited by five area race car drivers, who brought their cars to the school for show.

• The Chamber of Commerce pondered designs for some new “Welcome to Redwood Falls” signs for the highways at the ends of town.

• To help publicize winter hazard awareness week in Minnesota, the weather gods provided more than a foot of snow overnight in the Red-wood Falls area. It disappeared quickly as temperatures soon returned to the low 40s.