As of January 2019 Tom Quackenbush will begin serving as mayor for the City of Redwood Falls.

Quackenbush received 80 percent of the votes cast in the three wards of the city during the Nov. 6 general election with a total of 1,424 votes.

His opponent, John Francis Madden, received a total of 330 votes for mayor, with 20 write-in votes also cast.

By precinct, Quackenbush received 427 votes in Ward 1, with Madden receiving 103. There were nine write-in votes.

In Ward 2, Quackenbush received 516 votes, with Madden receiving 88 votes. There were nine write-in votes in Ward 2.

In the third ward, Quackenbush received 481 votes, while Madden received 139. There were two write-in votes cast in Ward 3.

Two city council positions were also on the ballot in the City of Redwood Falls, with Jim Sandgren running unopposed for an at-large seat on the council. Sandgren received a total of 1,614 votes, with 493 in Ward 1, 552 in Ward 2 and 569 in Ward 3. There were 26 write-in votes cast in the at-large council election.

Larry Arentson ran unopposed for the Ward 3 city council seat and received 574 votes, with two write-in votes cast in the Ward 3 election.

• In Redwood County, the only contested race was for the Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor seat in District 1, which was won by Jeff Potter, who received 3,780 votes, or 67 percent, with Patrick Schoffman receiving 1,842 votes or 33 percent of the votes that were cast. There were 11 write-in votes also cast for the District 1 supervisor seat.