50 years ago

October 1968

• Jerome Kellar, a service station attendant in Nevis, Minn., drove through Redwood Falls en route to a promised new job in Arizona. When that job didn’t work out, Kellar remembered the new Control Data plant he had seen in Redwood, and moved his family here to become an electronics technician instead.

• The standard identification and population signs on the roads approaching Belview were all removed and replaced with hand-painted signs that read “Payton Place.”

• The Chamber of Commerce set up a group to study whether or not there was any point starting an adult community education program in Redwood Falls.

• Election judges in Redwood Falls got a 50 percent raise. For the 1968 election, they would now receive $1.50 an hour.

• L.A. Berg, 90, a resident of the county nursing home, donated a meteor he had found about 80 years earlier to the Redwood County Historical Society.

• The Gazette editor noted the newspaper had three phone lines, that those three phone lines were never all in use at the same time more than once a week, and that people still kept telling him, “I tried calling you, but the lines were all busy.” The Gazette editor wasn’t impressed.

25 years ago

October 1993

• In its first month in operation, Redwood County’s Sentenced-to-Service program cleared buckthorn weeds and cleared debris from under a flooded bridge on public lands.

• Alena Eaton, 15, Miss Lower Sioux 1992, headed off to the Twin Cities to participate in the Miss Minnesota Teen Pageant.

• Two weeks after passing her bar exam, Jennifer Gilk became Redwood Falls’ newest attorney.

• New community education classes included how to use computers for spreadsheets and for word processing documents.

• Rich Miska of Redwood Falls spent 180 days walking the west coast of the United States from Canada to Mexico.

• Several representatives of the American Soybean Association told area farmers that long-term planning was the key to selling beans to the Soviet Union.

• For the second year, A & W Furniture said it was willing to accept corn or soybeans as payment for furniture.

10 years ago

October 2008

• Redwood County had an 80-plus percent voter turnout in the 2008 election, significantly higher than in the state as a whole.

• Gary Dahms easily won election to become the District 5 Redwood County commissioner.